$207,378 BIG WIN: This Is What a BitStarz Cowboy Made Off With!

We’ve had another rooting tooting big win here at BitStarz, with one lucky player scoring $207,378 on Buffalo Hold and Win slot!

This mighty big win isn’t the only one either. A big baller recently made off with $691,105 in First Person Mega Ball from Evolution, which was the third-largest take ever recorded at BitStarz!

It doesn’t matter if you’re just riding into town for the first time, or you’re a regular at the O.K. Corral, the chance to win at BitStarz is always a possibility! You got to ask yourself, though, is it worth spending your time on Buffalo Hold and Win slot from Booming Games to chase down a similarly large win, or should you be looking elsewhere?

Will the real buffalo slot please stand up

Before we continue, visit and type buffalo into the search bar. Don’t worry, we’ll wait.

See what we mean? Buffalo Hold and Win slot is one of SEVERAL that feature buffalo in the name and in imagery. More than that, it’s sometimes difficult to tell the imagery apart despite most of the slots being developed by entirely different providers and released years apart. It’s one of those themes that has been done to death, like superhero movies!

That’s not to say that Booming hasn’t done a Joker and completely reimagined the genre putting a fresh spin on a stale, overdone idea – something about this slot clearly works. Let’s explore!

Hold your breath for the hold and win!

The hold and win feature has become increasingly popular over the last two or three years. This has resulted in several game developers shoehorning the feature into slots and hoping it’ll give them a boost in interest from players. And for the most part, that tactic has worked.

The thing is, however, because so many game providers are implementing the feature, it is no longer a differentiator. Buffalo Hold and Win slot is not the only buffalo slot with a hold and win feature, there are others like Buffalo Power Hold and Win slot from Playson Games. But, the former seems to be the perfect game for our big winner!

The way Buffalo Hold and Win slot implements the hold and win feature is pretty standard. During both the base game and free spins, you’ll trigger it by grabbing six or more gold coins.


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Once triggered, the coins you used to unlock it will be fixed in place, and the reels will spin for a chance to fill the empty spots on the reels with gold coins. The reels will continue to spin until you go three spins without adding a new gold coin to the reels. If you manage to fill all 15 spaces, you will receive the Grand Bonus that awards 1,000x your bet amount.

Ideally, Buffalo Hold and Win slot would have a number of other bonus features that would balance out the generic hold and win feature. It doesn’t. The only other feature the slot offers is free spins.


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A round of eight free spins are triggered with the appearance of three or more scatter symbols, no surprises there. During free spins, all low-paying symbols will be removed leaving just high-paying symbols, gold coins, wilds, and scatters. This is a little interesting and not something that many free spins bonus features offer. Is this enough to make the slot worth playing, though?

Has Buffalo Hold and Win slot got lost in the herd?

There is nothing new under the sun with this one. This saying is true for just about everything in life, including slot games. However, you can always put a fresh spin on an old idea. Think sliced bread or drinking yogurt – and realize you’ve just discovered the best thing ever.

So, should you chase your own big win on Buffalo Hold and Win Big slot? That’s up to you. The proof is in the pudding. But if it’s not your flavor then lucky for you, we’ve got thousands of other games to choose from. We recommend giving Xibalba, Space Miners, or Punk Toilet a try. Each of these slots offers interesting bonus features, exciting gameplay, and huge win potential.