A Year and Half Later, Heroes are Still Battling it Out for €5k!

If you think you’re the most dedicated BitStarz player of all time, then you need to think again. A little over a year and a half ago we launched an epic promotion where we gave every player at BitStarz the chance to battle it out for a €5,000 payday. The rules were simple, wager €20 or more before the timer runs out each day and you progress to the next round. Miss out, even by 30 seconds, and you’re eliminated.

Week after week we saw players drop like flies, eventually leaving us with 7 heroes still battling it out as we passed the one year mark back in February. However, 6 months down the line and more heroes have fallen, leaving us with just 5 brave and determined warriors left competing for the cash!

Who will win? Stick around to find out!

Battling it Out for Fame, Fortune, Glory and Bragging Rights!

After a year and a half, these 5 players are no doubt the most dedicated and hardcore players we’ve ever seen. These three players are so dedicated to the cause, winning bragging rights and being labelled BitStarz’ bravest hero that they’ve not taken a single day off. These guys are the most hard-working players we’ve ever met. To you, we salute. Keep pushing on and secure that €5,000 – you’re so close. If you’re running out of inspiration, stick on Arrival to Earth by Steve Jablonsky and you’ll soon be back in the mood to push on and win!


Keep Doing What You’re Doing!

We’d love to give you some really helpful tips or try to teach you something new about the Last Man Standing promotion, but those 5 heroes left battling it out really don’t need our help – they’re already pros. So, our advice to you is just keep doing exactly what you’re doing – it’s working. For everyone else out there, or in case you missed the promo and want to prepare for next time, heed these tips. Slots count 100% towards the €20 wager requirement, while table games count for 10%. This means you can clear the requirement in street shoes if you’re playing slots, while table games will take a bit longer – not ideal if you’re on a tight schedule!

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We’re honestly astounded that any heroes have made it so far. So, to the 5of you left battling it out, keep up the amazing work. We’re all rooting for you here at BitStarz HQ and no doubt the rest of the players here at BitStarz are too!