How to Play Blackjack Like A Pro

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world, where players take on the dealer in a game of chance. Draw one too many cards and you could go bust, draw one to few and the dealer could take a better hand – Blackjack is all about knowing whether your hand has what it takes to win and what to do with certain cards.

Helping you out, with these tips you will be able to bring down the house edge further and improve your chances of landing a huge win.

Never Play Blackjack That Pays 6:5

Sometimes it might seem tempting to play blackjack that pays 6:5, as you think your odds of winning are better, but you would be wrong. Blackjack, the eight deck game that pays 3:2, gives you the best chances and better payouts than when compared with a single deck paying 6:5.

At BitStarz Casino, all of our blackjack tables pay 3:2 with an eight deck game, so you don’t need to worry about this when you play with us – but it’s always good to know.

Look for the Best Table Rules

In a game of Blackjack you’re playing against the dealer, so look for an advantage wherever you can. Online casinos will tell you the table rules on the felt, whereas in a land-based casino you might have to play a few hands to see how the dealer will play.

Look for blackjack games where the dealer will stand on 17 – even better if it’s a soft 17. This gives you a better chance of edging out the dealer and taking money away from the casino.

Avoid Insurance Where Possible

Insurance is a terrible idea – unless you’re a pro that can count cards. For the average player, insurance will likely see your kitty vanish into thin air faster than you can finish your drink. Only four out of 13 cards will give the dealer blackjack – roughly 30% chance of a win – and at insurance payout of 2:1, you’re looking at taking losses here.

The only time insurance can pay off is when you have been counting the cards. Plus, you need to be very sure what the dealer has as their hole card, so be very careful with this method.

Don’t Stand on Soft 17

You might think 17 is a good hand, and it usually is. However, if it’s a soft 17 – meaning you have an ace in your hand – then it’s a great idea to take a hit. The ace card is both a 10 and one, so you have nothing to lose by taking a hit. By taking the hit you are pushing the dealer to score bigger than 17, which could cause them to bust, meaning you win.

Always Split Two Eights

A hand with two eights is considered the worst possible hand in Blackjack, as it makes 16. Your chance of going bust on a hit is extremely high, and by standing you will nearly always lose to the dealer. Instead, split the eights and play two hands – giving you double the chance of beating the dealer and scoring a winning hand – even if only one wins.

Last week we had a player land a whopping $70,000 jackpot. Now, armed with your new found knowledge of blackjack, you too can add your name to our list of big winners!