Players are Still Battling it Out as Last Man Standing Turns 1!

If you cast your minds back to exactly one year ago, we launched a brand-new battle promotion called Last Man Standing. The rules were simple, wager €20 or more each day and you progress to the next day. The last player standing walks away with €5,000. Within the first few weeks, hundreds of players were evicted, but 7 brave warriors have pushed on through and proven their worth and lasted a crazy 365 days.

When we launched this epic promotion, we had no idea that you guys were so fearless, determined and, quite frankly, mega badasses. Huge respect to each and every player still battling it out for supremacy, can you make it to a year? We hope so!

Play or Die – It’s That Simple

When it comes to war, you’ve only got two options, kill or be killed. These seven players have been fighting and battling it out day after day for an incredible year. That means these players have set alarms and reminders to ensure that they complete the €20 wager requirement every single day without fail. One missed day will result in eviction from the competition and the forfeit of the €5,000 prize at the end. When Last Man Standing dropped to 10 players remaining, we really thought that the rest would fall soon, but kudos, you’ve proved us wrong!


Keep Rocking Our Top Tips

As always, we’ve got you the inside scoop, and to help you keep pushing through the days, we’re going to give you a quick reminder of how to smash each day for the rest of your life. Our best tip is to play slots. Slots count 100% towards the wagering requirement, meaning you could complete your €20 requirement in a single spin. Meanwhile, table games count 10% towards your daily requirement, meaning you will potentially need to play a few hands before you hit that €20 mark for the day.

Play Now

Last Man Standing is still rolling on, so give a huge round of applause to all the epic players taking part. You’re all going down as legends in the BitStarz history book. But, there can only be one winner – will it be you?