Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, What Is the Hottest Slot of Them All?

We know you’ve been waiting, so here it is. The stats are in regarding what games are paying out the most wins at the moment. We have a completely new trio lined up this time around and for those of you smart enough to keep updated through this blog, you are about to get the inside scoop, once again.

Play’n GO, Pragmatic Play and Platipus are the creators behind these flaming hot slots, so if you are looking to scoop up some major cash, we suggest you keep reading.

Moon Princess – Play’n GO

Charlie’s Angels have nothing on the naughty fairies starring in the Moon Princess slot. With plenty of fun features in play, the 3 princesses work them from every angle to get you paid.

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There is a definite Barbie vibe and a ton of girl power but don’t think for a second guys won’t enjoy it. Come on, big wins are as unisex as it gets and if you don’t believe us, take it for a spin and find out for yourself. Our hottest game of the week will have you skipping down the street and all the way to the bank.

The Dog House – Pragmatic Play

Your idea of being in the dog house is about to change radically after spending time with the pugs of The Dog House slot. This is the place to be and when a man’s best friend is happy as pie, there’s a pretty good chance you will be as well.

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All bark and no bite? Well, we would love to say that the free spins are as feisty as a rabid pitbull but although there’s plenty of cash to pick up, let’s just say you don’t need Cesar Millan on speed dial to get it. Now go fetch!

The Ancient Four – Platipus

Fire breathing dragons and an angry Phoenix bird normally mean duck and take cover. The Ancient Four slot is anything but normal and if you want a piece of the €337,500 max win, you better get ready to battle!

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To diffuse the situation, a Yin Yang symbol is here for the rescue. The Chinese are big believers in wealth and prosperity and with pockets full of cash from conquering these reels, you will be as well. Show them who’s boss and your accomplishment will echo in eternity!

There Is a Lot More to Enjoy

These games may be at the top of the hot list but there are a lot more games for you to enjoy. Slots go hot every single day so swing by the BitStarz game lobby and take your pick. You can’t go wrong and you might even find a new favorite!