Are You Ready to Go Undercover to Win in the Agent Destiny Slot?

Your secret life as an agent is about to start, thanks to Play’n GO. Secret spies and agents are still one of the most popular themes for movies and TV-shows so it only makes sense to transfer the popularity over to slots. With a 1960’s comic book style look the new Agent Destiny slot is hot off the press and the ink is barely dry but as expected, it lives up to the hype around being an agent and the action is real.

The mission being to save the world from the criminal masterminds and with the help from features such as Linked Reels, Mega Symbols and free spins, you have your work cut out for you but know there is a nice reward upon your completed mission.

Time to Go Undercover

We can really appreciate the effort of adding a really cool comic book design and sticking with the 60’s vibe only adds more authenticity to the theme. The symbols used are the different agents on your team and the two criminal masterminds you are trying to take down and the choice to show the symbols in a few different sizes really make the five reels pop.


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Triple Features Means Triple Threat

As an agent you have to be prepared for all scenarios and in this slot you need to pay close attention to Linked Reels, Mega Symbols and free spins as these are part of the features team that will help you reach your goal, to get paid! Also, the first two will also join you during your free spins as extra safety precaution.

Linked Reels – These can be randomly activated on any spin and two reels will show the exact same symbols. When it kicks in, you can look forward to a free spin.

Mega Symbols – All symbols can pop up as Mega Symbols and as a secret agent you have already figured out that this will be great assistance in your chase for your big wins.

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Secret Spy Free Spins

One of your closest friends in this game is the wild scatter and when it lands on reels 1, 3 and 5, it’s free spins time. How many will you get? You can look forward to spinning 9 of them.

Just a Reminder

As a spy you obviously keep a track of your progress in Slot Wars and are fully aware of the fantastic opportunity you have to pocket yourself a slice of the weekly €5,000.