The sneaky devil is up to no good in Lucky Drink in Egypt slot!

If you’re a Belatra Games fanatic, then you’ve definitely fallen in love with the charismatic characters of the popular Lucky Drink slot. A devil and a drunkard walk into a pub… and they become best mates! Who could forget this unlikely duo?

They’re back in action in the latest Lucky Drink slot sequel, except this time they’re just a bunch of lads on vacation – in Egypt. Of course, the devil is still up to his no-good tricks and the drunkard goes along for the ride. Let’s see what kind of mischief these two get up to on their boys-only holiday in Lucky Drink in Egypt slot.

The sneaky devil is up to no good

You can take the men out of the pub, but you can’t take the pub out of the men. This Egyptian pub is one-of-a-kind, and has these fellas seeing stars when the goddess Cleopatra makes a VIP appearance. A lot can go down after a couple of beers under the scorching African sun with this high volatility slot.

In this pub you’ll find the drunkard enjoying a cold one amongst the pyramids, a dizzy sphinx sweetly lying on the sand, a sarcophagus hiding ancient treasures, a couple of beers, double wooden BAR planks, a spectacular crook and flail, a tourists’ hat, the mesmerizing Cleopatra, and a burning candle.

The Bonus and Scatter symbol is none other than the sneaky devil dressed up as a Pharaoh – oh, how much fun it must be for this naughty bugger to raise hell in a new country.


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Slam down some beers for the bonus

Can our drunkard chug 3 or more beers down on the reels? We think he certainly can, and this will trigger the bonus game. The giggling devil will take us to the cunning bonus room where we will need to choose a symbol hiding in a mystery sarcophagus.

The symbol that you select will become a super symbol throughout the duration of the 10 free games that follow. The super symbol will stack the reels it lands on and give you a real beer-goggle experience, because you’ll be seeing double that’s for sure.

Who knows what’s waiting to be revealed in your chosen sarcophagus… it could be the big money-maker!


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Booze can make us do crazy things

Yup ain’t that right! But, when it comes to dealing with moolah, we best stay sober because the stakes are high in the Lucky Drink in Egypt slot Risk Game.

Players have the chance to double or even quadruple their winnings by making a deal with the devil in either the Red or Black Risk Game, or Card Double with the Dealer Rick Game. Whichever one you choose, you’ll need to guess the correct color of the card, or the correct suit. Beware little beelzebubs, because if you choose wrong you’ll lose your win.


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We’re thirsty for more!

Is this the first Egyptian-inspired slot game we’ve seen – hell no! But, we do have to clink our pints for Belatra Games’ unique take on the sequel to their popular Lucky Drink slot. This 96% RTP game is amusing, charismatic, and downright silly – we love it.

These two stumbling grumps didn’t know what they were in for on their trip to Egypt, but we’ll tell you what you’re in for… a massive win of up to €100,000.

The beers are on tap and the sun is out, let the games begin in Lucky Drink in Egypt slot.