Lost treasures of Ancient Egypt are found in Cleo’s Gold slot!

We have all heard stories of Cleopatra’s divine beauty and strength as a ruler of Ancient Egypt. What happened to all the incredible treasures of her time as a successful monarch that have yet to be discovered? It seems the eccentric queen has finally relinquished her fortune in Cleo’s Gold slot from Platipus Games.

Let’s journey to the land between pyramids once again to discover the secrets of Cleopatra and her incredible dynasty, and get our hands on some amazing treasures while we’re at it!

Cleo’s golden gifts

If you’re a fan of ancient and mystical themed games then you’re in for a treat with this one. Set in Ancient Egypt with a backdrop of pyramids and statues, this slot submerges you into an authentic gaming experience. The symbols are of course related to Egyptian hieroglyphs and the cultural symbols of what was once a thriving civilization.

An image of Cleopatra herself can be seen gracing the reels with her beautiful symbol paying the highest in the game. One can see why she has always been depicted as the divine ruler we all know her to be, as her symbol outshines any other.

The second on the list is the Scarab beetle amulet. The Scarab beetle was a symbol of renewal and rebirth for the Egyptians and will definitely have the same effect on you if it falls into a winning combination.


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Anubis was the god of the afterlife and guided souls into the underworld. It seems he has taken some time off from his previous occupation as his symbol will bring the reels back to life with astonishing payouts. The falcon symbol related to the sun god Ra signifies divine kingship and will bestow gifts of fortune when at least three appear on the reels.

We also find the Eye of Horus to protect you from bad luck and the famous Egyptian Ankh symbol will breathe life into your wallet with remarkable payout odds. The extremely generous 97.09% RTP in this slot will familiarize you with these symbols as they appear on the reels as winning combinations frequently.

The medium volatility nature of this slot allows for relaxed gameplay, as you will see a fair amount of payouts coming in regularly with no extremes of fluctuating credits, except of course if you hit the massive max win of €300,000.

Call your mummy when things get Wild

The Wild pyramid symbol substitutes for all other symbols, with the Bonus symbol being the exception. Our bonus in this majestic slot is the very well-known mummy coffin plated with gold and gems for the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. Three Bonus symbols hit on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4rth reel triggers the bonus game.

Once you’ve unlocked the Bonus, you get to choose between a set of three different free game features. If you decide on the first, you will receive 5 free spins with Sticky Wilds. These wild symbols stay in place on the position where they fell for the duration of the free spins. Reels filling up with Wilds after every spin makes for an incredible payout by the end of your Bonus game.


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The second option grants you 10 free spins, but this time the Wild symbols will expand over the reel for every spin. Finally, the third option will reward you with an incredible 15 free spins with stacked Wilds! Remember that more free spins will not necessarily mean more cha-ching, as the Wild symbol plays a massive part in the Bonus game you will have to seek the wisdom of Cleo before making your choice.

Discover Cleo’s Gold today!

This slot is certainly worthy of its name. Smooth gameplay and beautifully designed graphics create a virtual gaming environment filled with the wonder and amazement of the Ancient Egyptian world. You’ll be creating your own luck with the options provided in the Bonus feature, making this slot as interactive as they come. Take a spin on Cleo’s Gold slot and become acquainted with this incredible figure of the Ancient world as she wills her fortunes into your hands!