Bee All You Can Bee and Taste the Sweet Wins in The Hive Slot

We are buzzing with excitement over this new release. You may not be Beyonce but you can definitely become the Queen Bee as you stir things up in The Hive slot! Battle through the challenges like a tireless worker bee and let the golden honey drip all over your wins to make them extra yummy.

Ok, it’s time to let wilds, free spins and multipliers help you soar towards the €12,150 max win so get ready to be entertained!

Join Forces With the Black and Yellow Army

Betsoft are the beekeepers of this game and as you take a step into the colorful world of the bees, you’ll find it being full of vibrant features. As similar games before, the action revolves around the sacred honeycomb. The game is set in a beautiful meadow on a sunny summer day with 5 reels, and 30 paylines. With flowers all around it, the hexagonal grid will house 19 symbols at once. Ladybugs, Queen Bees, wilds, flowers will all join forces and become your friends.

As the theme is about the underrated creators of the sweet, golden nectar we call honey, remember to keep an eye on the glass jar on your left as things may happen.


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Meet the True Heroes

As we all know, the hive is home to a few different types of bees. They all have their specific task that makes things run like clockwork and the same goes for this game so let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Queen Bee – When the Queen Bee lands you will know it. She will summon a swarm of other bees to surround the reels which will improve your chances of winning.

Drone Bee – Remember the glass jar on your left? It’s the job of the Drone Bee to fill it up with honey. The more Drone Bees you can summon, the quicker you can fill up the jar and get your free spins!

Worker Bee – These guys are the true heroes of the hive community and in this game they can award you with a stacking multiplier that will increase the number of other Worker Bees that will come. If you’re unsure who they are, they are the ones holding on to their hammer for dear life.

Sticky Sweet Free Spins

Everytime one of the Drone Bees spawn, all of the ones surrounding the grid will fill up the glass jar with 1 level each. When it is filled all the way up, you will get 5 Sticky Sweet Free Spins.

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Honey Burst Spreading Wild

During your free spins your grid will be filled with up to 3 of the Honey Burst Spreading wilds. These sweet wilds will expand with each spin and will continue to spread to other cells until you run out of free spins. Make the most of it!

Spin, Win and Win Some More.

Hanging out by the hive is a blast! As you stack up on the honey and sweet wins, don’t forget about Slot Wars where the money is just as sweet. As you advance on the leaderboard, aim to break into the top 40 (at least) by the end of the week for a big chunk of the €5,000 up for grabs!