Who Needs Nanny Mary When You’ve Got Kitty POPpins Slot?

Today I’ll take you through Avatar UX’s new game, Kitty POPpins slot. And right off the bat, you can get excited about wins of up to €200,000 playing this cat-tastic release.

As much as I’d love to dive headfirst into the pun pool for this game review, I’ll do my best to refrain from using cringy cat terms. No promises, though.

Given this slot’s name, I expected it to be a feline-friendly remake of everyone’s favorite umbrella-traveling, magical nanny, Mary Poppins – but I was wrong.

It seems to be about a bunch of aristocratic cats. Yeah, not a new theme at all, but the features make up for it.

A bit more about Avatar UX

If you’ve never played an Avatar UX game, then here’s why you should. Their games are so cool! While I was playing Kitty POPpins slot, little banners popped up to tell me how to play the game, and that was a nice touch.

Also not a unique inclusion in the world of games, but the subtle popping up of hints and clues felt like a lot of thought was put into it from a UX perspective. Guess that’s what they’re called Avatar UX.

They have signature features to their games that I enjoy, like the MultiPop, StickyPop, and PopWins mechanics. In the case of this slot, the MultiPop mechanic steals the show.


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Make way for the MultiPop

The MultiPop mechanic is the highlight of this 96% RTP slot, and it really is a game changer.

It’s kind of like cascading and tumble reel features we are used to but with loads of multipliers in play.

Basically, each spin gives out random multipliers on random grid cells, and if or when those are included in a winning combination, they’ll all be removed from the screen and replaced with new symbols with higher multipliers added to them.

Every time this happens consecutively, the multiplier continues to increase by 1x, making this an awesome 1-paid spin experience.


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Brush shoulders with the king of cats

The other excellent features that makes this game so great include the King Cat, the CATilicious Respins, CATeriffic Re-Shuffle, CATcellent Removal, and Free Spins round. (Glad I didn’t flood you with puns, the game does that all by itself).

In short, the King Cat comes along to give you a chance to score a nice win, in one of the forms mentioned above, through the Respins, Re-Shuffles, or Removals of symbols.

As for the Free Spins, there are 3 modes you can trigger; 5 Free Spins, 8 Free Spins, or 12 Free Spins, depending on the number of Scatters you land.


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Who needs Mary Poppins when you have this?

For real, Kitty POPpins slot has so much going for it that it really doesn’t need any magical, singing, floating lady to give it more charm.

Despite its high volatility, there are ample ways to win here, also with thanks to several Buy Bonus options, including an Ante Bet and Feature Guaranteed bonus.

Avatar UX thought of it all – I recommend you give this guy a try 🙂