The Hot to Burn Hold and Spin Slot Is Sizzling Hot – Be Careful

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Well, Pragmatic Play has turned up the heat to full blast on their latest gem, the Hot to Burn Hold and Spin slot. You can almost hear the sizzling sound as you flame broil all your favorite classic fruit symbols before you stick a fork in the sweet ‘n juicy €400,000.

All fruit aside, this game is all about the Hold and Spin feature where the focus is to collect money. Sounds like a plan right? Fill the entire grid and you will get a shot at the Big Money Wheel, where you can grab a bonus of up to 5,000x your stake.

You are in for a great time so get your trigger finger ready and let’s play!

It’s Getting Hot in Here…

Surrounded by burning flames, the 5 reels with 20 paylines are looking as fiery as ever, making the symbols and the game even more appealing. Don’t expect much in the way of soundtrack but as long as you hear the sound of coins falling into your pockets, it’s all good.


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Grilled fruit may not be on the tastiest thing on the menu but spread it on top of a €400,000 max win and we’ll be first in line. The game has a 96.70% RTP and a very high volatility, which will get you the big wins. Top it off with a €20 bet level and a 20,000x multiplier and you have yourself a tasty fruit platter.

Hold on for the Hold and Spin Feature

Burning suns with a value attached will get you an invitation to the ball, the Hold and Spin feature. You need 5 value symbols to trigger it and when you do, the only symbols allowed are the money symbols and you have 4 spins. The count will reset every time you land a symbol so keep them coming at a nice pace and you will be more than fine.

You will reach the end of the feature when you run out of spins. All the values will be added up into a nice payout. However, there is also another scenario.

Spin the Big Money Wheel

Scenario number two is if you manage to fill up the entire grid, you will reach the ultimate destination, the Big Money Wheel bonus feature. The sections are either a big multiplier payout or an empty section.

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Land on a multiplier up to 5,000x payout, get another spin and the opportunity to make even more money. If you land on an empty slot however, it’s game over and you’ll have to settle for whatever amount you managed to collect during the step before.

So Much More

This is not only a great looking game, we love the money-making feature. This game is so much more than a vintage fruit machine and with the possibility of landing wins of this size, the Hot to Burn Hold and Spin slot is a beast!