Become a Legend As you Win Big in Grand Casanova Slot!

Casanova is undoubtedly one of the most legendary men of all times, and his tales from 1700s still impress today. Known mostly for being a rampant lover, Casanova was also adept at escaping from jail and being a spy amongst other things. Now it’s your turn to become as cool as Casanova and rack up some pretty legendary wins when you spin the reels in Grand Casanova Slot!

The big wins on offer are enough to pay off Casanova’s impressive gambling debt several times over and buy yourself your very own Venetian palace. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s spin the reels and make off like bandits into the dark of the night!

Romantic Wins in Venice

Set in Casanova’s home town of Venice, Grand Casanova takes us on a tourney of his tumultuous life. Jam-packed with symbols of girls, cupid, wine, flowers, pearls, and, of course, Casanova himself, you know you’re in for a treat. If it’s your lucky day, you can pull of a stunt that Casanova would have been proud of and walk away with a juicy €100,000 from a single spin. This huge amount of cash is pretty decent considering that Grand Casanova is a medium volatility game.

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Free Spins Will Break You Out of Jail

Casanova escaped jail a number of times during his life, and he couldn’t have done it without some help. On one daring prison escape, he slipped on the lead tiles and tumbled down the side of the roof – almost like he was free spinning. Fortunately for Casanova, he managed to regain his footing and stopped the fall, eventually escaping by walking out the front door. Now it’s your turn to pull of an epic stunt by landing three of more golden masks on the reels. This will trigger free spins mode where you can bag some pretty decent wins. You can even trigger more free spins by landing two golden masks. To top it off, all Casanova wilds will expand and fill the reels – talk about a bumper free spins mode!

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Grand Casanova slot might not have a classy and fancy theme track, but the wins on offer more than make up for this. The best part of Grand Casanova is that when you’re spinning the reels you will earn points towards the Slot Wars leaderboard. Place in the top 30 at the end of the week and you can make off with your own slice of €1,000!