Can You Really Make Money from a Casino Bonus?

Ahh, the fabled casino bonus. For decades, players have searched the globe for answers surrounding these epic nuggets of joy, but few have found the answers they were looking for. So, to make your life easy and to end years of searching, we’re finally going to dispel the myth of whether it’s possible to make money from a casino bonus or not.

Bear with us here, this isn’t an easy question to answer, but knowing the answer will help you play at online casinos like a legendary professional!

It’s All About the Type of Bonus

When it comes to online casinos, there are hundreds of types of bonuses that you can be granted. Ranging from birthday and registration bonuses all the way to bonuses from promotions and giveaways. Deposit bonuses always come with a wagering requirement, and this wagering requirement can be rather hard to complete. Bonus money tends to have a high wager requirement and your spins or hands tend be capped to a certain value. This makes it slow progress and increases your chances of losing all of the bonus cash. However, playing with your bonus cash tactically can help you walk away with a rather nice win, it just might take a few hundred rounds.

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Keep an Eye Out for Low Wager Requirements

Wagering requirements are how online casinos make the game fair, but sometimes they lower these requirements or remove them totally. These bonuses are hard to find, but they do exist. Sometimes the requirement can be as low as 1x, meaning if you have a bonus of €500, you only need to wager €500. If you manage to keep the €500 intact, you can withdraw it and head to the shops for a nice treat. Occasionally, online casinos will scrap the wager requirement totally and give you the cold hard cash, giving you the choice of whether you run for the hills or try your luck at doubling it up. There are no penalties for playing with no wager requirement bonuses, allowing you to bank any winnings and the bonus as soon as you hit cashout.

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So, is it Possible to Make Money from a Casino Bonus or Not?

Ok, we might have gone the long route, but we felt it necessary to explain everything. The short answer is yes, it’s possible to make a profit off casino bonus money. However, wager requirements can make it tough, so do check these requirements before trying to turn a profit on your bonus money. That being said, bonus money can allow you a great chance to spin the reels or play a few ands to get used to the game with a real money mentality, preparing you for the real deal with your own money!