Pirate Gold Level Up Adventure is Nearly Over – Go Get the Gold!

The Pirate Gold Level Up Adventure has been with us for just over two months now, and we’ve given you plenty of time to race your galleons through treacherous water to find a bar of gold. It’s not just any bar of gold, however. It’s a 1kg bar of gold with a market value of around €50,000. Alongside this gold bar is €10,000 in cash, €50,000 in individual prize pools and tons of epic BitStarz merch, making it one of the biggest promotions we’ve ever run here at BitStarz!

But, time is running out and you’ve got less than 7 days now to plough on through the levels to scoop up as much of that cash as you can carry. Good luck, pirates!

Race for the Gold

The gold is hiding at level 41, so for those of you still stuck in the mid 20s, you’re going to need to get a move on. There are 11 pirates that are closing in on the gold and the €10,000 in cash, but that doesn’t mean you can’t beat them to it. If you’re going to be the first one to the gold and the best pirate BitStarz has ever seen, you’re going to need to follow our epic speed boost tips. Slots are going to be your best friend here as they could 100% towards your levelling requirement, while table games count 5%. To top it off and perfect your strategy, throw any bonuses you have overboard. These will only hamper your progress as they don’t count towards your levelling up requirements!


Play ‘till the Bitter End

It’s about now that you’ve got to pick which type of pirate captain you’re going to be. Are you going to be the brave and bold type that fights to the bitter end in hope of a late victory, or are you the type that tucks tail and runs away? You’ve not got long left to scoop up the rest of your individual prize pool, collect the €10k in cash and to get your hands on that 1kg gold bar. So, pick which pirate you’re going to be and enjoy your last week of the promotion!

giphy (1)

Is That it?

Sorry if you’re disappointed. We know you guys have loved the Pirate Gold Level Up Adventure – so have we. It’s been the biggest promotion that we’ve ever run here at BitStarz. But, don’t panic. We’re following it up with the spookiest promotion that you’ve ever seen. It’s going to frighten you so much you’ll wet the bed at night – trust us, we’ve seen the designs.

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Until then, be the best pirate you can be and secure all the loot!