4 Things to Never Do When You’re Playing Blackjack!

When you’re playing blackjack, there are a number of things you don’t want to do if you wish to become a good player or not get kicked out of the casino. While some of these might seem like common sense, many people still make these basic mistakes. Out of these tips, some will help you get a better house edge, while some will stop you from being the most hated player at the table.

Are you ready to learn the 4 things you should never do when you’re playing blackjack? Let’s begin!

Don’t sit at a 6:5 blackjack table

This golden rule will make your more money before you even sit down at a table. When you’re walking around the casino floor looking for a blackjack table, try to avoid the tables that pay 6 to 5. While these games are slightly easier thanks to the fact they only use one deck of cards, you end up making less money. Simply put, for every €10 you bet, the max payout will be €12, compared to €15 at tables offering 3 to 2 payouts for a blackjack. So, unless you’re a card counter where only having one deck makes your life much easier, then it’s best to avoid these tables all together.

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Don’t Play at a Table with a Continuous Shuffling Machine

Unfortunately, casinos have started to employ more and more machinery to help get through more hands per hour, which is bad for you. The more hands you play per hour, the faster you’ll burn through your chips. There are now these continuous shuffling machines that never stop shuffling the cards. After each hand, the cards are put back into the top of the machine and new cards are dealt. These machines produce about 20% more hands per hour than any other shuffling method, which is bad news on a zero-sum game like blackjack. So, do yourself a favor and sit at a table with manual shuffling or a machine that shuffles when the shoe is empty.

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Don’t Guess How to Play Your Hand

We’ve written more blackjack guides than we can count, so there really is no excuse whatsoever for guessing how to play your hand. If you don’t feel like reading one of our blackjack guides, you can pick up a pamphlet from most casinos that teach you how to play each hand. If you go into a hand with no clue how to play it, you increase the house edge to around 3% – that’s up from a miniature 0.5%. So, do yourself a favor and spend an hour reading guides and learning how to play your hand, it will pay you in the long run.

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Don’t Forget your Table Etiquette

Finally, we come to your table manners. Simply put, just be a nice player at the table, follow the rules and don’t kick up a fuss. If you have an issue, take it up with either our live support agents or talk to someone at the cash desk. Don’t start trying to lecture players by saying things such as “why did you hit that” or “you should have split”. By doing these types of things, you will quickly become the reason nobody else wants to play at a table with you or you’re asked to leave the table.

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So, there you have it. If you follow these tips, not only will you improve your chances of walking out of the casino with more money than you came with, but you’ll also be a delight at the casino, making new friends!