Celebrate the afterlife with big wins in Dia De Los Muertos slot

Ay caramba! Throw on your colorful calaveras and calacas because it’s time to celebrate the dead in Dia De Los Muertos slot. No no, you don’t have to be in Mexico to pay your respects to those that have passed in this awesomely festive way – because the Day of the Dead has become a popular phenomenon. So instead of wearing black in sadness, share stories in marigolds.

We must admit, whoever is responsible for painting a sugar-skull face must be an acclaimed artist because DAMN the detail is delicate. If we had to try, we may come out looking like a Jack Skellington that’s spent too much time in the shade.

La Calavera Catrina

Catrina is the immortal icon of Dia De Los Muertos, and the ultimate representation of elegance married with the inevitability of death. Translated, La Calavera Catrina means ‘elegant skull’, and she is the Dame of the Dead in this Endorphina game.

Spend time with your ancestors as you spin these Latin reels. You may win yourself some forgotten family wealth to the maximum value of €300,000.

The symbols in Dia De Los Muertos slot include 4 different colored sugar skulls, a Mariachi, and beautiful Catrina. The Scatter symbol is of a desert sunset, and is our most important symbol to find.


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Free spins fiesta

Landing 3 Scatter symbols on your screen will trigger an amazing 20 free spins! But look closely, because walking out of that sunset are skeletons coming to gate-crash your free spins fiesta. It’s alright though, they’re just there to support you.

It must be said that 20 free spins is very generous, and what’s even more generous, is that in this feature Catrina also becomes a Wild symbol. You can have a fantastico time watching those reels spin while the legendary Dame of the Dead graces them and turns them into gifts from the afterlife.


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Double your wins

Dia De Los Muertos slot comes with an oh-so riskay, risk game. If you’d like to engage in a little card game with the Dealer to double your wins, then activate the Risk Game, which will be found on the bottom-left of the screen, flashing in red.

5 cards will be presented to you face-down, and the first will be revealed. Your task is to pick one of the 4 remaining cards with the objective of choosing one that is of higher value than the revealed card. If you succeed, you’ll get another chance to pick a card, but if you fail, the round will end and your earnings will be lost.


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It’s a joyous occasion!

Somebody might need to tell Endorphina that because Dia De Los Muertos slot is a bit sombre and serious. It makes sense we suppose because they have dubbed it one of their best Horror Slots of 2020 – although not exactly scary either.

If anything, this game takes us back to the roots of the Day of the Dead, before it got all pop-cultured out. Overall though, this game is great. The visuals and design are flawless and so is the music choice. This is a 96% RTP and medium volatility game, making it a great fit for those looking to win large amounts of loot.