Zap your way to wins in Birds on a Wire slot!

Are you ready for something ridiculous? Well, you’ve come to the right place because Birds on a Wire slot from Thunderkick is up there with the most ridiculous slots we’ve ever reviewed.

These are not the birds you’re looking for

In 2001, Pixar released Monsters, Inc in theaters. It would, like the studio’s three previous films, become a critically acclaimed hit almost overnight. Just prior to each screening of the film, Pixar had a little surprise for theatergoers in the form of a three-minute short called For The Birds. Now, we’re not saying this is where Thunderkick drew their inspiration for Birds on a Wire slot, but it sure does remind us of this gem from our childhood.

The only word we can think of to describe this slot’s graphics and animation is whimsical. The gameplay is easy-going, and you just can’t help smiling as the birds fly in and out of the slot’s frame with each “spin.” And when you win, the birds involved in the winning combination are zapped by the high-voltage wire that they’ve been clinging to. It sounds dark, we know. But the animation has a Looney Toonsesque comedy that elicits a giggle rather than a grimace.


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A roasted bird with extra wins, please

Zapping unsuspecting birds is the name of the game. Once you’ve zapped a winning combination, the birds will disappear in a cloud of feathers allowing other unsuspecting victims to take their place. This gives you multiple chances to win on a single spin. Think Candy Crush with a touch of Angry Birds.

That’s not all the base game has to offer either. Each subsequent win following a winning spin will bump you up the voltage multiplier meter from 1x to 5x your winnings. This feature, in combination with the rolling wins, gives you the chance to win big!

Like a fox in a henhouse, the mystery box bonus symbol holds a predatory waiting to strike. With the appearance of three or more bonus symbols, a cat will spring from a box with silverware at the ready, triggering ten free spins.


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During a round of free spins, the base game’s multipliers are boosted to between 4x and 20x your winnings, which gives you a shot at huge wins! And even if you don’t win big, the slot’s free spins feature has something special waiting for you.

If your last free spin isn’t a winner, you’ll trigger Inwinity (their spelling, not ours) Spins. This feature will keep awarding spins until you end your round of free spins with a winning combination. It’s basically a consolation prize.


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Try Birds on a Wire slot already!

We were skeptical. Birds on a Wire slot seemed forgettable at first glance. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s light and fun and unexpected. It’s everything you want in a casual slot that’s easily enjoyed for a moment in a queue at the bank or for hours at home on the couch. Its whimsical graphics and animations combined with a few compelling bonus features make this one an easy recommendation.

With the slot offering medium volatility and an RTP rating of 96.1%, you will need to keep an eye on your balance. This is hardly a dealbreaker, though. As long as you’re not looking for huge wins, you can bet small and play this one for hours!

If you enjoyed your time zapping birds in Birds on a Wire slot, Thunderkick has a few other titles you may be interested in. Give Not Enough Kittens and Toki Time a try if you’re looking for more of the same.