Journey to Ancient Rome in Itero Slot to Discover Riches!

Roman emperors were a crazy bunch. Caligula, for instance, tried to have his favorite horse Incitatus made a consul, the highest elected political office of the Roman Republic. The horse also had a marble stable, an ivory manger, its own slaves, and a collar of precious stones. Oh, and he, Caligula not the horse, was also a bloodthirsty tyrant like most of the other Roman emperors.

So, with that in mind, are you ready to travel back to the brutal past in Itero slot from Hacksaw Gaming for a shot at the €250,000 max win?

Something completely unique

Itero appears to be completely fictional as there were no Roman emperors with that name. However, if you consider the name and the dark tone of the game, it sure seems like the team at Hacksaw Gaming drew inspiration from Nero. As the emperor of Rome from 54 to 68 CE, Nero was infamous for his cruelty and narcissism. What’s this got to do with the slot? Mostly nothing but I thought it was interesting nonetheless.


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The slot itself is a triumph of visual identity. There is no other slot like it. Itero slot features this dark mostly monochromatic color pallet that is turned on its head with these Andy Warholesque pop art prints that are displayed with big wins. The pop of color that is added to the slot is jarring standing in stark contrast to everything else.

Then there is the glitch effect. Every 10 or so seconds, the screen glitches giving the whole thing a dream-like quality that made it all the more fascinating to play. It really is one of the most visually captivating slots I’ve ever seen. I’d go so far as to say that I want to hang a poster from the game on my office wall!

The echos of wins!

All the Itero slot bonus feature action revolves around EchoSpins. This respin feature spins an exact copy of winnings reels for a predefined number of spins. The feature is unlocked when a Hand of Jupiter symbol lands together with at least one winning payline. Once it does, the Hand of Jupiter will open to reveal how many EchoSpins you have received. This feature is then adapted and expanded upon for the slot’s free spins features.


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Yes, Itero slot offers two unique free spins features. If you grab three scatter symbols, you’ll unlock Wrath of Jupiter free spins. And if you grab four or more scatter symbols, you’ll unlock Gift from the Gods free spins.

  • Wrath of Jupiter – A higher chance of getting EchoSpins and higher multipliers than in the base game.
  • Gift from the Gods – Multipliers are collected and displayed to the right of the reels. Then, during EchoSpins, instead of multipliers being progressively increased, the total collected before the hand of Jupiter landed is used for the entire round of EchoSpins. The multiplier total is then reset.

If you’re not willing to wait for the favor of the gods to strike, you can also select to purchase either a round of Wrath of Jupiter or Gift from the Gods free spins.

Is Itero slot a tyrant or a triumph?

Itero slot is unique. I really don’t think I’ve seen anything like it before. It has this Andy Warholesque Pop Art aesthetic with an effortless tone that makes it one of a kind. The EchoSpins are also something that I hadn’t seen before. I assume that it’ll be a feature to expect from Hacksaw Gaming slots moving forward, and I’m not mad at that.

That, unfortunately, isn’t the whole story, however. The slot offers a fairly underwhelming RTP rating of 96%. Additionally, because of its larger max win amount, it is highly volatile ensuring that you’ll be waiting longer between wins than you’d like. Despite this, I still think that Itero slot is worth a try for the visuals alone.

If you like the visual style of Itero, I recommend giving Bork the Berzerker or Hand of Anubis a try. These slots don’t feature a similar theme to Itero slot, but both have unique visual styles.