Champagne, Big Wins and Fame to the Winner in Shark Meet Slot

If you have managed to escape the viral craze, Baby Shark, congratulations. There is just no way to predict what the next ridiculous song is that will blow up the charts. On the other hand, sharks also find each other attractive and when these guys get together, like in the Shark Meet slot, things are bound to happen and sometimes babies are made. Have you seen the sleek fins on some of these lady sharks navigating the water with such captivating grace? We get it, man!

Underwater Construction

The shark meet takes place on an interesting underwater construction featuring 4 reels and 16 paylines. There is a nice detail in the bottom left corner where the octopus arms that holds the 4-way pay sign slowly moves to the rhythm of the water. Considering where we are some of the symbols seem a bit odd, like trophies and champagne, but mixed with a blown up puffer fish, starfish and a purple jellyfish they seem to pull it off.

The underwater world is feisty so for protection they have brought in a shark for both the wild and the scatter.


Flashing Jellyfish Feature

The ocean floor is a pretty scenery and everyone there is in it to win it as the ultimate prize is survival and they all want to live a long and prosperous life. When you manage to capture 3 scatters you can unleash 10 freaky free spins and through the motion of the ocean, these babies can be retriggered.

Just because you are in over your head in water doesn’t mean you can’t make that extra buck. Start off with a win and then head straight for the gamble feature to super size it. Instead of the normal pick a card game, you get to pick a jellyfish and see if it makes a friend. If it does, you have doubled your money but if it chooses the rival jellyfish you can start heading up to the surface for some air.


Puffed up Wins

Funny enough we felt safe in these shark infested waters. We had easy access to the boat above and the buoy is right there as well. There is no fear of drowning either as the many puffed up wins will keep you afloat for a long time after you’re done. Put your suit on and let’s explore the ocean floor.