Dance With the Goddesses and Win Big in the Divine Nirvana Slot

If somebody would approach you on the street, asking you to put your faith into the hand of three goddesses, would you do it? We can only speak for ourselves but our reply would consist of a ton of questions before making any decision. In the Nirvana slot slot though, it’s a different story. We will gladly take the leap into the arms of these goddesses and let them guide us through life. Well, through the game at least.

To reach Buddhism’s optimal transcendence state one needs to be at peace with him or herself and we feel we are ready for the next stage. Are you with us?

Harry Potter Rejects

Nirvana hosts 5 reels and 20 paylines and offers you a tremendous setting with the perfect soundtrack for your relaxing mind. Gemstones in a variety of colors are the majority amongst the symbols but others such as clubs, diamonds, spades and heart are also invited to the party. Other guests that have reached Nirvana are a bunny with antlers, a phoenix, a dragon and a cat dressed like a bird (don’t ask us why) could possibly be Harry Potter rejects.

A game like this needs special symbols and on these reels you will find a Lotus flower as the scatter and a gold wild. You want to befriend these two, trust us.


Meet the Divine Ladies

The 3 goddesses mentioned above come in play during the free spin feature. To get the chance to meet them you simply need to land 3 or more of the Lotus flower. The divine ladies will present themselves and you are the lucky one getting to make a choice. Let’s take a look at what sets them apart.

Wild Seeds – This will give you 2-4 random wilds on the reels, drastically increasing your odds of winning.

Mega Reel – You will have the opportunity to feast on 3 synched reels, reel 2-4, which not only increases your chances for a win but can easily retrigger more free spins.

Nudge Reels – The Nudge goddess has a soft touch and can move the reels by 1 position, for them to reach their optimal position, hopefully leading to more wins for you.


We Reached Nirvana

We are not overly religious but we do believe in higher powers and they are put on full display in this slot. These goddesses know their stuff and we shall forever be grateful and obey when they call upon us. We now understand the beauty of Nirvana and highly recommend spinning the reels, reach Nirvana and bag some divine wins.