Cash in on the Rolling Reels in Jungle Jim – El Dorado

We have a constant itch for new adventures and exploring the jungle has always interested us. The wildlife is so fascinating and the vibe is just crazy cool. Yes, we would no doubt encounter one or several of the really dangerous animals which wouldn’t be great but the dream still remains and maybe it’ll happen, maybe it won’t. We are cowardly quite comfortable with either outcome.

Someone who is not a punk and doesn’t shy away from danger is our boy in Jungle Jim – El Dorado slot. It’s amazing how this guy dives head first into the most treacherous terrains and still has perfectly styled hair. What kind of products are you using, bro?

Welcome to the Jungle

The legend of El Dorado is the next chapter for good old Jungle Jim. A city of the ancient civilization that had immediate access to that shiny gold that we all go crazy for. It’s really strange, the admiration for this one particular metal if you think about it but that’s a discussion for another day.

Swooping in like Tarzan to the center of the legendary city, Jungle Jim has his eyes on 5 reels and 25 paylines. The symbols found on the reels are treasure chests, a variety of multicolored gems and a few different South American artefacts. To finish it off with the special symbols there are the obligatory wilds and scatters.


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Triple Threat Features

You can’t be in the jungle without expecting some outstanding features. When it comes to this particular journey, you can bet your bottom dollar on 3 different bonus features. The most obvious one is the Rolling Reels. As your wins come in, the symbols that are part of the winning combo will disintegrate and new symbols will fill the voids. This means as long as there is a win, the Rolling Reels will continue.


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As a sub-feature, the Multiplier Trail bonus increases with each consecutive win up to x5. During the free spins it gets even better and you can get all the way up to x15.

Don’t worry, free spins don’t hide from anything or anyone, least of all the deepest of jungles. Land 3 of the scatters and you can start chewing away at 10 of them and fill your belly with some yummy wins, making it easier to survive in the wilderness.


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Jungle Fever Jimmy

The explosive action in this slot had us on the edge of our seats and it’s a joy watching the consecutive wins come in with the addition of multipliers. If you are looking for a fun game that will keep you on your toes and really excite you, then Jungle Jim is your number one guide!