Go Nuts and Stash Away Epic Wins in Nuts Commander Slot

Have you ever watched the show Hoarders? That is some crazy stuff about how people spend their entire life collecting things and it can turn into a serious addiction. If we were to take a quick look at the animal kingdom there is no denying there are some hoarders there as well. Squirrels are the ones coming to mind but one thing that we were not aware of is that they seem to have ranks and superiors giving out orders. At least that is the impression we get from the Nuts Commander slot.

We haven’t come across this soldier type squirrel before so before we can give him our stamp of approval we need to spin these reels and find out for ourselves.

Time to Follow Orders

This nutty slot is of course set high up in a tree where the precious squirrel treasures are hidden. In bee colonies, the soldiers work together as a team and do whatever it takes for the colonies best interest. Squirrels however seem to have way bigger egos and only collect nuts for themselves, secretly stashed away somewhere safe. They don’t seem to be a particularly generous bunch but what do we really know. They have seduced us for years with their perfectly fluffy tails and cute gnawing teeth. There could be some serious squirrel narcissists hiding out there.

Spread out across 5 reels and a chunky 100 paylines, the game knows how to keep your interest. Spinomenal have filled these reels with the beret wearing nuts commanders favorite toys. The symbols include his plane, sword, binoculars, dynamite and a catapult. Some of his friends are also there as support.


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Chewy Free Spins

The free spins in this game come along quite frequently, which we think is perfect. Keep landing the free spin symbols and you can just retrigger them as you go. The more the merrier and with the added multipliers you can really come out with a real chunk of cash.


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Aim Right and Get Your Nuts

Squirrels are creative so we weren’t sure what to expect from a bonus perspective. When you stick 3 of the bonus symbols you can expect to get in on some proper shooting action. If you were a squirrel for a day and you saw barrels of nuts falling from the sky, hooked up to parachutes, what would you do? You would obviously bust out your bazooka and shoot them down, duh!


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This Is Nuts

We love this game! Full on action and a ton of free spins will make those wins pile up in no time. The squirrels are onto something but being outranked by the nuts commander himself may be a deal breaker. He does seem like a friendly guy though and if he keeps working his magic with that bazooka, he will forever have our respect.