Collect More Tickets in the Tesla Giveaway with This Amazing Tip

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, then chances are you’ve heard of our latest Tesla Model 3 giveaway. All you have to do is play your favorite games and we’ll give you a ticket for every €100 you wager, meaning the more you wager, the more tickets you’ll get for the big draw.

Now, we know that you want to get the most bang for your buck, giving you more tickets than anyone else. So, we’ve been interrogating the brains behind the promo to get you the best tips so YOU can get more tickets than everyone else and stand the best chance of winning that Tesla!

Table Games are Key

Now, with the theme in mind where you get a ticket for every €100 wagered, you’re probably after a way to make as many tickets as quickly as possible with as little risk as possible. This brings us to the wonderful world of table games. What you can opt to do is place a bet on red and black, with this counting towards your wager requirement for the Tesla Model 3 giveaway promo.

Play Now

That’s right, you can place two bets that give you a 97.2% chance of winning on European Roulette, a 98.64% chance of winning in Baccarat and a 97.22% chance of winning in Sic Bo. If you place two bets of €50, you’ll get one ticket per round, or you can up the stakes and place two €100 to win two tickets per round – how epic is that?

Better Chances of Winning More Tickets

Unfortunately, these bets aren’t guaranteed and you’ll lose both stakes should the outcome not favor you as a player. For example, in Roulette if you land a 0, in Baccarat if you land a tie and in Sic Bo if it finishes up a 3 or 18. While these are all very low probability outcomes, they do happen and they can put a crimp in your plans – so prepare for these to happen from time to time. Even with this risk, you can rack up tickets very quickly with this strategy!


This is arguably the best way to gather tickets in the Tesla Model 3 giveaway, so try it out and earn yourself a ton of tickets. It’s worth noting that placing these types of bets won’t contribute to wager requirements on bonus money or help you climb the Table Wars leaderboard any faster!