Flip Through the Winning Chapters of Book of Aztec Select Slot

If all the books you have read over the years could give you the same monetary return like the ones at BitStarz, everyone would be reading around the clock. Our next piece of literature to join our already well stacked library is the Book of Aztec Select slot.

Is it a New York Times Best Seller? That’s too soon to tell but you can definitely make a ton of money playing it. How does a €250,000 max win sound for a first payment? Start spinning and make your way towards the free spins, where the big bucks love to hang out.

Grab your reading glasses if you need them because chapter 1 of the Book of Aztec select slot starts now!

Like There Is No Tomorrow

Amatic has set the table for you with 5 smooth running reels. The Aztecs are quite simple in terms of what they like as gold is normally filling up the reels like there is no tomorrow. Gold may not be the only metal on these particular reels but you will find it in the fish, lion and pyramid but in terms of highest value, the adventurer is the one you want.


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Putting everything on the line, a nice and high 97.63% RTP and €250,000 max win will go a long way. Throw in high volatility and a 12,000x multiplier and you have yourself a pretty smooth sailing to look forward to.

The Secret to Your Free Spins

You will need a special symbol that can get you that monster win you’ve always been looking for. This will be done at random before you start your free spins and with these guys in play, you can collect wins even outside of the original paylines.

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With that out of the way, you can get busy winning with your free spins and with the right touch, sky’s the limit in terms of wins.

Summon the Spirits

The Aztecs knew what they were doing and their spirits live on in games like this. Summon them all and watch as the right symbols start forming winning combinations at a much quicker rate.

Believe and you shall succeed!