Hook 50,000x Your Bet In Nolimit City’s Ugliest Catch Slot!

Do you remember lockdown? What the actual? Feels like another lifetime when we were walking our dogs with hazmat suits on – or was that just me?

The one good thing that came out of all that drama was the birth of the O.G Duck Daddy, TikTok’s sexiest swamp man. If you’ve never seen the shit Tony gets up to for his 20 million followers, then do a quick TooTurntTony stalk, and you’ll be good.

While there are zero physical similarities between the so-called ‘Rod Father’ in Ugliest Catch slot and TooTurntTony, they both spend a lot of time frolicking in the bayou, like tiny children, while also throwing money around – for our entertainment.

If only this game made me laugh as much. Oh wait, it did.

Why the Ugliest Catch?

This question has two parts. The first is why the slot is called “Ugliest Catch”, and why you should play it.

The story goes: we’re fishing for up to €400,000 in a lake overrun with toxic waste, pretty much. Naturally, the fish in here will be mutants. Imagine Chernobyl fish. Or is that taking it too far? It’s Nolimit City, are there ever boundaries?

So yeah, you’re reeling in pretty gross fish that have been through a lot in their lives. Bless them. Check them out for yourself. I’ve put a sneaky pic of these fresh-outta-Star Wars creatures for you below…


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Here’s why you should play it

Ugliest Catch slot is packed with features that can help you reel in a big one. Expect Enhancer Cells, 3 Free Spins modes, Massive Multipliers and Troll Levels, to name a few. There are more, believe it or not.

I don’t know where to begin to be honest. Let’s start with the Free Spins because those are a huge stand out for me.
You might get lucky with the Lunker Spins, Hawg Spins, or the Honey Hole Spins. Don’t they sound irresistible?

They’re all more or less the same thing, apart from the number of Free Spins in each round, and number of Enhancer Cells that are open through its duration. I managed to trigger more free spins too, and won €1,997 on a €5 bet.


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Tell me more…

The Enhancer Cells, by the way, are where you’ll find the Fish Trophy and Big Berta symbols. And you want these guys because they’ve got pearler multipliers, up to 5,000x, attached to them, waiting to make you a ‘Reel Legend’ with real wins.

And, while I am not for skinning and fileting my own fish at the best of times, the Kill ‘n Grill Wild Fishing feature isn’t bad either. What am I saying? It’s epic.

In the base game, if you land the Golden Fisherman Wild in one of the unlocked Enhancer Cells, you’ll activate the Kill ‘n Grill bonus, where all the multipliers collected by the damn Fish Trophy will be put together and further multiplied, to boost the overall symbol payout.


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NLC makes a fish slot and it’s amazing

Nolimit City might not have reinvented the wheel here by using a popular slot theme, and this is not something they do often, but they certainly reinvented the way I enjoy fishing slots.

It’s good. Except for the extreme volatility, that’s too hectic for my liking. But the 96.11% RTP makes up for it, I guess.

All you need now, as NLC themselves recommend, is a “couple of beers and you’ve got the most unpleasantly thrilling fishing trip to ever hit the world of slots”.

Play Ugliest Catch slot today. You might hook a beaut.