Deep underground is where riches are found Treasure Mania slot

No, it’s not Gimli from Lord of the Rings. Though he may bear a striking resemblance to the famous warrior dwarf, this red-bearded miner from Treasure Mania slot is going to be your new best friend. He has struck it rich in his secret mine, and he’s calling on you to come and share the plunder.

Just so you know, he’s been having trouble with a greedy goblin that keeps stealing the loot, and he needs you to give the goblin the boot. Are you ready for a rollercoaster ride to riches? Because the bonus game is a thrill of note! Let’s get down and dirty for a trip to the mine, and find the treasure in this extraordinary slot from Evoplay Entertainment.

Behold! Sparkling gems and piles of gold!

Before you enter the game, there’s a short animated introduction video. Do yourself a favor and watch it, it’s a bag of laughs and just what you need to get into the mood for this fun-loving slot. Once you’ve had your giggle, 5 reels will appear in the form of minecarts. Each minecart contains a specific set of treasures representing the symbols.

There are 3 minecarts on each reel which form the 3 rows with 20 paylines. Each time you spin, the reels will roll into the mine shafts at the bottom of the screen and new minecarts will roll in from the mine shafts at the top. Low-paying symbols are coal, copper, silver, and gold. High-paying symbols are four gems with sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and amethysts.


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Mystery symbols can appear on the reels where the minecart will be covered with a tarp. When the reels stop, the tarp will be blown away by the wind to reveal the paying symbol. In some cases, the cart could appear empty, but hopefully the generous 96.05% RTP will have your back and keep those high-paying symbols rolling onto the reels.

Catch a ride to steamy wins with the Wild Train Feature!

The Wild symbol is a golden cart filled with purple gems. It will substitute for all paying symbols. This Wild symbol is also the highest paying symbol in the slot and the medium-high volatility could see you bagging mega wins with this symbol in the blink of an eye.

The Wild Train feature could trigger randomly after any losing spin. When this happens, the center reel will be covered in a train symbol made up of 3 Wilds. If this does not create a winning payout, another train will appear on a random reel. This will continue until a winning combination is formed. It’s a guaranteed win! When the screen starts shaking, you know that big payouts are about to roll in.

Chase the goblin into the mine and grab the treasure

Here’s an exciting bonus game if there ever was one. Manage to land the Bonus Goblin symbol and the Bonus Dwarf symbol on the reels simultaneously, and the Bonus Mine feature will be triggered. When this happens, the goblin will run into the mine with a bag of loot and the miner will hop in a cart and chase after him – with you by his side!


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You will then travel deep into the mines on a rollercoaster ride to riches, grabbing special coin symbols and treasure along the way. You’ll have to pick the safest route through the mine, if you choose the wrong railroad, you might run out of tracks and fall to your doom. Choose the right one, and you’ll meet the goblin at the end and seize the bag of loot with a massive reward!

Join the money madness today!

You’re in for an epic ride in Treasure Mania slot! The bonus game is one of the most creative and epic features you will find. This slot is packed with money-making opportunities, so hop in a cart and chase the big wins at BitStarz today!