Does Wagering More Actually Help You Win More?

We get all sorts of questions from avid players, and we know many of you are looking for ways to simply turn the tables and win more. We get it, we’re exactly the same when we play, we want to win more and more. So, with that thought in mind, we’ve put some time and effort into researching whether wagering more actually equates to larger wins.

It’s a question that has been buzzing around the writing team here at BitStarz for some time, and it’s about time we explored this legend. Who knows, perhaps we will uncover the ultimate secret to winning at the casino!

Casino Games are Largely Luck Based

When it comes to playing slots, it’s all about luck. Some days lady luck will be on your side and you will win piles of cash from virtually every spin. Just look at some of our big winners over the years, we’ve seen a player bag $2.4 million from a single spin – but this is all down to luck. On the other hand, you’ve got table games. Again, large portion is down to luck, but you need to know when you stand, fold, split and double down – putting some power of winning back in your hands. So, in the world of slots where it’s all down to luck, betting big will land you bigger wins over time, but on the tables, you need to be smart too.

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Play Smart with Big Wagers

For this question, we’re going to forget about slots, as they’re pure luck. We very much believe in making your own luck and mastering table games. If you’re a smart cookie and use an intelligent betting system such as the D’Alembert, you can actually turn quite a bit of cash in no time at all. If you’re wagering small amounts, you can only win small amounts. Let’s say you’re playing roulette and placing bets on red or black all the time. The max you can win is 1x your stake. Now, on a €0.20 bet, that’s €0.20 profit and €0.20 back in stake – not much to shout about. But, let’s crank that up to €10 bets. That’s a profit of €10 and €10 back in stake – putting your pot at €20 rather than €0.40.

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So, the short answer is yes, wagering more does result in larger wins. But, you either need to rely on lady luck or your own skills. If you’re not skilled at a table game, we recommend using smaller stakes to learn the ropes and slowly increase as you get more confident. Use a solid strategy like the D’Alembert to keep your bankroll under control, and always take profits off the table when you can.