Boost Your Winnings with Video Poker at BitStarz Casino!

If you love to win and you want to boost your chances of walking away a winner, then you need to stop what you’re doing and start playing Video Poker at BitStarz. With some of the highest levels of RTP around, Video Poker is tipping the scales in your favor, helping you walk away with a big winning story.

There’s a ton of grabs up for cash if you can master these wonderful online Video Poker games, so learn your hands and let’s bring down the house together!

Of course, if you know how to play Video Poker perfectly, it increases your chances of winning greatly, so we recommend you start out by learning how to play Video Poker before you dive into these games.

All Aces Poker

We’re going to start your journey into the Video Poker world with a relatively snazzy and modern looking Video Poker game. Say hello to All Aces Poker, it’s a newer game from Microgaming, but it offers a whopping RTP of 99.92%. That’s one of the highest RTPs in the online casino world, meaning if you know how to play your hands properly, you can walk away with a small fortune. A royal flush will pay out €20,000, so hold those cards and head for the flush if you’re after a big win. All Aces Poker is a 7/5 Jacks or Better, making it one of the best video poker games you can find online. These days, you’ll only find 9/6 Jacks or Better in land-based casinos in Nevada.

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Jacks or Better

Before we get into Jacks or Better, it’s worth noting that there’s a Jacks or Better Double Up, but this variant actually has a lower RTP, so stick with the regular Jacks or Better video poker game. In Jacks or Better, you’re looking at a max win of €4,000 for a royal flush when playing on max bet, and the very generous RTP of 99.56% means that if you know how to play your hands properly that you can take home a rather tidy sum of cash in no time at all.

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Aces and Eights

Finally, we come to Aces and Eights video poker. Aces and Eights is an 8/5 Jacks or Better video poker with a double up feature. This double up feature allows you to gamble your winnings by picking a higher card then the one on display. This is a unique feature to Aces and Eights compared to the other video poker games in this list. Aces and Eights carries a max win of €4,000 for a Royal Flush on max bet play, keeping it in line with most other video poker games. Due to the gamble feature, the RTP in Aces and Eights comes in at 99.09%, making it one of the lower paying video poker games on offer at BitStarz Casino.

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Video poker puts you back in the driving seat and gives you total control over your casino experience, helping you rack up some rather hefty wins. So, if you care about winning, ditch the fancy graphics and learn how to play video poker perfectly, winning more over time is just a short bit of effort away!