How a player beat the casino two weeks in a row

When it comes to playing Casino Online, there’s always talk about that you can only temporarily beat the casino, if you’re lucky. The important question here is – how long you’re able to maintain your winning-streak? For the past couple of weeks, a player at BitStarz Casino managed to beat the casino for two weeks straight, maintaining a payout percentage of over 100%!

Not just the payout percentage is interesting here, as there were no small amounts that this skilled player was cashing out. At his peak, he had withdrawn a total of 125 BTC ($300,000+) which is not bad for a couple of week’s work!

How did he beat the Online Casino?

If you’re looking at the professional players of Las Vegas, but also players who are playing professionally online, you will notice a pattern in the games that they’re playing. Most of them are not picking Casino Slots as their game of choice, they’re rather picking table games when they choose to gamble.

You might want to ask yourself why a player pick a particular category of games instead of exploring the wide range of games that an Online Casino has to offer. The answer to this question is control, and a high payout percentage. We’re sure that you’re aware of the different games in the casino have various RTPs (Return to Player), and when it comes to slots, they often range between 94% – 97%.

Looking at the table games however, you can easily find games who are upwards of 99%, which is quite a difference from Online Slots. The thing here is that these games require a bit of research in skill to find an optimal strategy to beat the casino. Slots only requires a push of a button, where the more sophisticated games such as Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette require a bit more interaction.

With that being said, such a major increase in the payout percentage compared to the other games makes every minute you spending learning the tactics of these games, worth it. So you basically have two paths to take here – you either choose to play slots and keep your fingers crossed for good luck, or you can join the professionals at the tables!

What Casino Games did this guy play?

You pretty much guessed it at this point. The player in question was exploring the fantastic range of Live Casino Table Games at BitStarz where four different providers can be found; AsiaGaming, Evolution, NetEnt Live Casino, and Ezugi. He was mostly enjoying the popular game of Baccarat, which is also the game of choice for the popular fictional agent, James Bond. Talk about sophistication right here.

The return to player (RTP) in regular Baccarat is approximately 99%, which gives the casino a very slim margin over you as a player, and it’s the reason why so many elite punters are picking this particular games when they choose to Play Casino Online. With the right strategy of choosing the right options at the right time, you are able to exceed the theoretical payout of the game.

There are multiple guides online on Baccarat Strategy, and some of them include using particular Betting Patterns or Card Counting Techniques in order to give you the edge over the casino. In order to give you the best fighting chance, it’s important to gather as much information possible about all of them, and combine everything you know to your own bullet-proof plan.

Summary of How to Beat the Casino

To summarize, it all boils down to picking the right betting option at the right time, and at the same time know when you’re supposed to bet the big bucks. Some players choose to count the cards, which means that they’re keeping track of which cards have already been drawn from the shoe, and utilizing that knowledge to predict the probability of a certain card appearing on the table.

If it would be easy, all casino players would win, but they don’t. With that being said, there’s a chance if you play your cards right, which this player at BitStarz Casino surely did. So do your research, come prepared, and give the casino a run for it’s money!