Don’t Bite Your Tongue as Your Wins Multiply in Multifly Slot

Who knew the slippery tongue of the chameleon could make you a ton of cash. We were definitely in the dark about this but one of the few to snap it up and run with it is Yggdrasil. These guys put it all together in the fun and catchy Multifly slot. With a fun arcade vibe there are a lot of multipliers at your service here, ready to pounce and take your wins to the next level. Just like the flies to the hungry chameleons, this slot hits the spot and is definitely worth the wait.

Constant Growing Wins

The buffet of flies takes place across 5 reels, carefully guarded by 5 chameleons watching your every move from their front row seats above. With its 243 paylines, the exotic wins are easy to come by. While the payouts may start out small, the multipliers will quickly increase them to the level you want. Lizards, frogs, birds and wilds are the main characters on the reels and during this game, they are your friends.


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Dropdown Wins With Multipliers

Yggdrasil decided to use dropdown wins for this slot and we are big fans. With each win, the symbols that are part of a winning combo will vanish, leaving room for new ones to drop down. You will also be rewarded with a wild in one of the empty slots. When the wild appears, one of the chameleons will shoot out its tongue and add a nice multiplier for you. Keep racking up consecutive wins and this can go on for a while.

If you were to get multiple multipliers, your wins will be boosted by a multiplier effect, meaning a x2 and x4 =x8 payout! They will reset when there are no more wins.


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Multiplying Free Spins

Yes, free spins do enjoy the humidity in the deepest of jungles as well and in this case you will have to land 3 of the bonus symbols to get 10 free spins. The moneymaking multipliers will not reset between spins during this round and the ones from the winning spin will even be carried over. That’s what we call a win win!

The Perfect Getaway

Multifly slot is fun and exciting and with the fleet of multipliers, there is no stopping you from making a nice pile of money. It’s the perfect getaway from a stressful day.