The Hotter the Chili the Hotter the Wins in the La Cucaracha Slot

They say cockroaches have a much higher tolerance for radiation than humans and other animals and would be able to survive the long term radioactive effects from a nuclear bomb. Damn, that’s powerful and no wonder they are so hard to kill. On the other hand, should we really be keeping our bottle of Raid under our sink or anywhere near our kitchen? What’s in the spray that can kill them? That sounds crazy and when we get home, that thing is gone!

Could a spicy chili be enough to take these crunchy critters down? Let’s try and figure it out in the La Cucaracha slot from Microgaming.

The Pot Is Boiling

Would you enjoy watching cockroaches put together a mariachi band? We would! In the 5 reel, 25 payline slot, this once in a lifetime opportunity may have just presented itself. First let’s take a peek at who is coming to the reels for dinner today. On the guest list there are maracas, tacos, cactuses and the obligatory Mexican tequila worm. For the special entrés you will find the spicy chili, straight from the pot, as the wild and your best friend, the mariachi playing roach as the scatter.


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The Hotter The Bigger Wins

If you enjoy hot food, and we mean excruciating hot food, your goal in this slot should be to land 3 of the chilis and go to the market. This bonus feature is a tongue scorcher. The mariachi roach is on a mission to find the hottest chili in town. There are 4 different pots that the roaches are cooking up. Taste a spoonful from 3 out of the 4 pots and the hotter the better. If fire starts shooting out of his mouth, the more money you will make.

The powers of the 3 chilis will add up on the Chili-Ow-Meter on your right and the higher the heat, the higher the number and you can get escape with a burnt tongue and x100 payout!


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Can You Handle the Heat

Hot chili might be the way to go! We had a blast playing this slot and we have a newfound love for the cucarachas. These dudes are tough to get rid of, but as long as they keep slaying those mariachi tunes and stay out of our house, we will learn how to live alongside each other. It’s time for you to taste the chili, hombre!