Shoot Up Chicago for Exclusive Wins in Chicago Bang Bang Slot!

It’s Monday and we’re kicking off the week with one heck of a bang – a rather exclusive bang, you could say. Clear the chamber and oil up the trigger as we’re heading into Chicago for a few drive-by shootings in the latest exclusive game to land at BitStarz Casino.

Chicago Bang Bang slot puts you behind the barrel of a gangster’s Tommy gun in the midst of Chicago during the 1920s. It’s your job to shoot up the joint and bring home the bags of cash without getting caught by the cops.

Are you in? we know we are!

Evade or Shoot the Cops for Big Wins – The Choice is Yours!

Al Capone was the only man in Chicago that you didn’t want to cross, and there was a good reason for it. Known as the boss of the Chicago Outfit, Capone and his gangsters drove around Chicago causing chaos by shooting people that owed money and evading taxes. All of this wealth he accumulated is now up for grabs in the epic Chicago Bang Bang. Simply spin the reels and you have the chance to bag some of his cash. Carrying a rather reasonable max win of €40,000 from a single spin, this medium volatility game is one of the most generous around. As a nice perk, Chicago Bang Bang carries a jackpot feature that can be triggered by collecting 1,000 JP points.

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Free Spins Are Better Than Reloading

When you’ve got a massive drum attached to your Tommy gun, you can fire for what feels like forever, and Capone’s goons knew this quite well. So, rather than reloading like FBI agents, why not fire that full drum and drive off into the sunset with the epic free spins mode on offer in Chicago Bang Bang. Simply land a bonus symbol on reel one and five to trigger free spins. Here, symbols will fly around three reels, with any landing next to the cars getting shot to bits and the cash getting added to your bankroll. In the middle reels you can land crates that carry multipliers and more free spins. If you land a multiplier crate on a winning spin, the car on the right will shoot a missile – perhaps not quite sticking to the period the game is set in – and blow up the crate, adding the multiplier to your win. The same happens for winning more free spins!

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Chicago Bang Bang is exclusive at BitStarz until March 24, so spin those reels and shoot up exclusive wins until then. So, load up that Tommy gun and fire the whole clip into the cops and skip town just like Al Capone. The big wins on offer are certainly worth pumping a few people full of lead!