Earn Your Stripes and Big Money Wins in the Jungle Stripes Slot

Jungle cat numero uno is without a doubt the tiger and since lions don’t actually live in the jungle, the tiger should theoretically be the real king of the jungle. Luckily they don’t seem to mind but having earned their stripes, literally, they do have our utmost respect. Today, you have the opportunity to earn theirs by showing your skills in the tree-swinging new Jungle Stripes slot by BetSoft.

You won’t find a tiger tougher than Shere Khan but the one in this game will give him a run for his money and you can scoop up quite a bit yourself. With the Jungle King wilds and Moonglow free spins in play, it’s impossible to predict the outcome in today’s adventure. The only thing that’s for sure is that you will have a great time.

To Mowgli, the jungle was the ultimate home. Let’s see if you can create one as well when the reels start to spin and you begin to win!

None of It Really Matters

There’s no mistaking the theme for anything other than a jungle one but the symbols filling the spots on the 5 reels could perhaps have been a better fit. Come on, a lotus flower carrying the most weight? We’re not even sure it’s a monkey hanging on the left of your screen. Then again, none of it really matters when you are here to make money!


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With a nice and high 97.09% RTP and medium volatility, you are looking at a lot of wins, especially with a solid €100 bet limit. This deep into the jungle, only 500x multipliers are able to survive but they are also the only ones you need and can get you the €50,000 max win you are looking for.

Let Them Hear You Roar

This game is all about tiger wilds because they have the power to expand and cover entire reels. When one lands, it will become sticky and result in a respin. If you can land another one, don’t hesitate to do so, because it will earn you another respin with double wilds. You will be maxed out after 3 respins but you’ll be able to pocket a nice pile of cash.

Put Your Trust in the Moon

As dense as this jungle may be, there are free spins to be found and when you land 3 of the moonglow scatters, get ready to spin 10 of them.

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Tony the Tiger’s unknown cousin, the wild, will be at the free spin party so try and get him on the reels and he will help you make some money. Unfortunately you won’t be able to retrigger them so stay focused on the ones in play and you’ll be fine. Let’s go, free spins!

A Great Fit

The Jungle Stripes slot is a great fit for players enjoying a cartoonish look and a high RTP. It may not get you the biggest wins but instead, you should be able to pick up a lot of the smaller kind and as we all know, those can add up pretty quickly. Give it a shot and earn your stripes!