Embark on a Win-Filled Adventure in New Golden Gods Slot!

Discovering a lost city that hasn’t been seen by another living soul for thousands of years must be an awe-inspiring experience. You’d have the chance to find treasures and culturally important artifacts that could change the way we look at the world. And, of course, you’d get the chance to wear a big whip and a fedora, which is the most important part.

Grab your favorite flashlight, dust off your trusty machete, and discover a lost city of wins in Golden Gods slot from Relax Gaming.

Welcome to the temple of the gods

When explorers began to seek out mythical cities in South American jungles, many thought they were chasing ghosts. They weren’t. They discovered architecture that was on par with Ancient Egypt that the jungle had all but swallowed up. It was an astonishing discovery.


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Now, we’re exaggerating slightly here, but opening Golden Gods slot feels similarly astonishing. The slot is beautifully illustrated and is a homage to Mayan culture, which is still celebrated by a population of roughly 5 million people. We bet you didn’t know that Mayan culture and language are still practiced in the 21st century. Well, they are.

There’s no need to sacrifice for big wins

When you visit the temple of the gods, you’ll be graced with wondrous wins both in the base game and during free spins.

In addition to the bonus symbol unlocking a round of free spins, it can also be used to trigger respins. Any high-paying-symbol winning combination that includes a bonus symbol will trigger this feature. The reels will then keep spinning until a dead spin!

If you’re looking to reap wins fit for the gods, you’ll need to unlock a round of six free spins by tracking down three or more bonus symbols. Once you do, the multipliers will start dropping from the sky.


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During free spins, silver tokens will award between 2x and 8x your bet. Gold tokens will award between 10x and 200x your bet and two additional free spins. With the appearance of each of the four gods, you will receive a special bonus and three additional free spins.

  • Itzamna – A randomly selected multiplier will be added to every other multiplier on the reels.
  • Ix Chel – The multiplier values of two to four tokens will be added together into a single position.
  • Kinich Ahau – All multipliers on the reels are combined into a single position.
  • Chaac – Three randomly selected multipliers are doubled up to three times.

If waiting for the gods to bestow a round of free spins isn’t your style, you can also select to buy a round of free spins. You will, however, need to weigh the possibility of winning big with the fairly significant cost.

Does Golden Gods slot offers otherworldly wins?

Slots that incorporate the myth and legend of ancient South American civilizations are nothing new. It is, as a result, no easy feat to stand out in the crowd. Golden Gods slot manages it with ease. The slot features fantastic bonus features, beautifully illustrated graphics, and a 96.09% RTP rating.

Not only does the slot also offer an impressive €180,000 jackpot, but with its 60,000x maximum multiplier, you have a shot at winning the jackpot with a mere €3 a spin bet. Sure, you’re stuck with high volatility, but the upsides far outweigh the downsides.

If you’re ready to continue your exploration of ancient South American civilizations, we recommend giving Aztec Emerald, Inca Gold II, and Mayan Ritual a spin.