Enter the Win Infested Waters of the Desert Shark Slot

Sharks in the desert? Please, having sharp-toothed predators patrolling our beaches is bad enough so we’re good if they are never found anywhere else. Then again, with the way things are going in terms of climate and overall evolution, we can’t rule anything out.

So, since land is a safe space, at least for now, let’s play pretend and head out into the burning hot sand and get a glimpse of what may be in store for us. It’s time to cross our hearts and rock the reels of Fantasma’s latest wonder, Desert Shark slot.

Let the Battle Begin

With a mean-looking pirate ship stuck on the sand dunes and an angry shark looking for a kill on the other side, you’re in for a 5-reel doozy. It looks as if the waves on the ocean have been transformed into sand and we are dropped right in the middle of a furious battle.

Cartoonish and fun or unrealistic and dumb? We’ll leave each and every one of you to form your own opinion. However, the fact that Hollywood did in fact release no less than 6 (!) Sharknado movies, we clearly live in a world where anything goes.

The golden W that’s the most valuable symbol, while Aladdin and Joe Camel look-alikes join in right behind it.


Play Now

For players that love betting big or winning big, Desert Shark slot won’t be the homerun you’re looking for. However, if you’re okay with a €10 bet limit and €167,940 max win, you can have some fun here. There’s a 96.33% RTP and medium/high volatility shows potential.

Scoop up the Wins With the Swim Swim Feature

It’s easier to spot the sharks on the reels than in the ocean, mostly because they wear the color gold to perfection. They will only show up on the middle 3 reels and if you see 2 of them, don’t freak out because that simply means it’s time for the Swim Swim feature.

Play Now

As the shark makes its move towards the left, any symbol in its way can transform into a wild and even a multiplier of up to 9x your stake.

We never thought we’d say the more the merrier in regards to sharks. Did you?

Light the Fuse for Dynamite Free Spins

A tornado could be the reason behind this strange desert battle and landing 3 of them will trigger 8 free spins.

There’s a Dynamite Wild that will be applied to each and every free spin and if you’re lucky, you can get as many as 6 in one go.

While you’re in free spin mode, you only need 1 golden shark to trigger the Swim Swim feature. These sharks can then activate dynamite wilds on the same row and for every activated wild, between 2-6 additional symbols can be upgraded. Once again – bring on more sharks!

Not the Kind of Bite We Were Hoping For

We would be lying if we said Desert Shark slot is a new favorite game. During our test run, it took a long time before we managed to trigger free spins and win some money. However, the free spin/Swim Swim combination is a good time and can give your account the boost you’re looking for.

Give it a shot and see what you think. After all, a little hot streak will make all the difference in the world. With that said, sharks or no sharks, Desert Shark slot doesn’t quite have the kind of bite we hoped for.