The Jackpots Are Waiting for You in the Vegas Night Life Slot

NetEnt is taking you for a spin to Sin City so prepare yourself for a night to remember. The Strip is showing its best side in a nicely dimmed purple light and the reels are eagerly waiting to be spun and the money to be won!

There’s never a dull moment in this town and the same goes for the Vegas Night Life slot. Stuffed with 3 juicy jackpots and just as many bonus features, you can take your pick from all the goodies being served.

Start November off with a bang by treating yourself to a night on the town and leave with pockets full of gold!

A Sign of What’s to Come

Vegas Night Life slot is a pretty basic slot but there is nothing basic about winning big so go nuts on the 5 reels and 20 paylines. All the classic signs of a Vegas night are there. A sports car, jewelry, a Rolex, champagne and a big pile of poker chips. If that is a sign for what’s to come then you are in for a monster of a night!


Play Now

A 96.00% RTP and medium volatility are more than enough to get a nice winning streak going and a €40,000 max win will make your account balance pop nicely. In other words, the table is set for success.

Bonus Features Deluxe

It’s Vegas so it would be weird if the poker chips didn’t play a vital role in the game. Land three of them and they will transform into “Pick Me” symbols.

Play Now

Take your shot at one of them and you will be able to enjoy one of the following features.

Load up on Free Spins

If the chip turns out to be free spins, the number of scatters you landed will affect how many you’ll get.

  • 3 Scatters means 5 free spins.
  • 4 Scatters means 10 free spins.
  • 5 Scatters means 20 free spins.

As a sweet little bonus, all your free spins wins will get a nice 3x multiplier added to them, giving them a nice boost.

Get an Instant Win

Another possibility is the Instant Win feature which means your chip shows a value. You will be given a random cash prize that can be anything from 7.5x up to 1,000x your stake. Once again, the number of landed scatters will determine the size of your payout.
Cash in on the Cash Stacker

The third and final feature will be in play when the poker chip shows a dollar sign. You will be given 3 free spins and all reels will increase the number of rows. Cash Stacker symbols will be the only ones used and for every one you land, the counter will reset itself to 3 spins.

You have probably already figured out that the longer you can keep this going, the bigger the wins will be and when you are out of spins, the Cash Stacker feature will come to an end and your wins will be paid out.

How to Get Your Jackpot

As mentioned, there are 3 jackpots in this game, including one that is of the progressive kind. If you can fill reel 2, 3 or 4 with symbols, one of them will be all yours.

  • Stack reel number 2 for the Mini jackpot = 10x your stake.
  • A full reel number 4 will get you the Midi jackpot = 30x your stake.
  • Fill up reel 3 and the progressive Mega jackpot is yours to keep.

Only a Click Away

Another successful night on The Strip is only a click away and when you get there, make sure you get to the Cash Stacker as this is a really fun feature.

Winning a jackpot or not doesn’t change the fact that this is a fun game. However, knowing that they are in the mix makes everything better so go out there and get one!