Face your fears (and the fast cash) in Myth slot!

Just imagine what a crazy world the ancient Greeks lived in. Behind every rock was a chick with snakes for hair; in every cave, a Minotaur was lurching about looking to devour trespassers; and what about those hairy, cone-headed dudes with one eye – we wouldn’t want to meet that in a dark alley!

But there was always a handsome reward for those who had the stones to take on these unspeakable horrors. And so it is with Myth slot from Play’n GO! With a top prize of €125,000.00 up for grabs, will you fold like an origami chicken or rise like the proud phoenix?


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Get ready for free spin and Scatter multipliers

Unsurprisingly, Myth slot’s grid is nestled between the columns of the Parthenon. While the characters and elements on the reels are nicely rendered, that’s pretty much where the designers called it quits. It’s like they just threw in a background of clouds, downed tools and went off to drink booze for the rest of the day.

The Wild is a Spartan warrior and he doubles all of the wins. The Scatter is a golden urn and any wins here are multiplied by the total bet staked (which are then added to the payline wins).


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When it comes to features, Myth slot isn’t exactly brimming with ’em. There’s the usual gamble, or risk feature, where you get to pick either red or black, or a suit. The correct color pays 450 while the right suit pays 900.

The only other feature is the free spin bonus round. Land 3 or more golden urns and this will set it off. The base-level bonus is 15 free spins, and each win here will have a 3x multiplier. Land a win with the Spartan and see this doubled to 6x. Free spins can be triggered, up to a maximum of 60 spins.


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Mythical wins await!

So what’s our feeling about this game? Well, it depends on what you’re looking to get out of it. There’s no denying that the top prize is substantial, and there’s the chance to win lots of free spins (which could also land you some coins). But for us, the gameplay was pretty boring and with no features other than the free spin bonus round, there’s not much motivation to keep going.

While Myth slot has a decent RTP of 96%, and the volatility is high, there are other games with similar stats that are more fun to play. So this time, we’re gonna say it’s not our cup of tea.

Our suggestion – and keeping with the theme of all things ancient and Greek – would be to play something like 12 Trojan Mysteries slot or Might of Zeus slot.