Golden Knight Infinity Slot Brings a New Meaning to Side-Scroller

Infinity reels is a fairly new mechanic for High 5 Games. The company first introduced it in Shadow of the Panther: Infinity in 2023. At its most simple, the mechanic adds additional reels to a slot, making it longer and longer as the spin goes on. At the end of each spin, the reels are reset. However, High 5 Games is not the innovator of the mechanic. Reelplay created it and licensed it out to Relax Gaming, 4ThePlayer, and now High 5 Games, among others.

Now, the Golden Knight backstory. Similar to another slot I reviewed this weekend, the sequel to the last Golden Knight slot has been coming for a long time. High 5 Games released the first game in the series all the way back in 2014. Golden Knight II was then released two years later, in 2016. Now, after an eight-year absence, the company has chosen to revisit the series with its latest release, Golden Knight Infinity slot.

Was it worth a sequel?

The slot’s party piece is its infinitely expanding reels. The three-reel slot will expand by one reel when a winning combination is completed. If symbols on the extra reel add to the winning combination, a new reel will appear, and the process will loop until no additional symbols are added to the winning combination. An extra reel will, however, not be added if the initiating winning combination does not feature a symbol in the third reel. This is because there would be no way for the additional reel to add to the winning combination, and, as a result, its addition would be pointless.


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As this mechanic can potentially create wins that are ten, twenty, or even hundreds of symbols long, the paytable obviously can’t give a breakdown of every possible combination. As a result, the slot’s paytable gives a payout value based on your bet for five symbols and then gives a set value for each additional symbol added.

Golden Knight Infinity slot offers four different wild symbols:

  • Standard wild – This wild substitutes for other symbols to complete winning combinations.
  • X wild—This wild substitutes for other symbols to complete winning combinations. Additionally, each X wild adds a 1x multiplier to the multiplier meter. The total multiplier meter value will be applied to the final win amount.
  • Respin wild – This wild substitutes for other symbols to complete the winning combination. It also adds one spin to the respin meter. This feature will respin the final reel if it doesn’t add anything to the winning combination. It’s like an extra life.
  • Mystery wild – This wild substitutes for other symbols to complete the winning combination. It will also award an instant win amount.


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The slot also offers two Power Bet functions. When activated, they add a cost to your total bet amount. The first Power Bet reduces the number of symbols required to complete an initial winning combination from five to four. The second Power Bet reduces the requirement to activate the jackpot and bonus features to two matching symbols.

Is Golden Knight Infinity slot magnificent or a miss?

Betting at $80 a spin on Golden Knight Infinity slot will allow you to play for up to $326,480 in winnings. If, however, $80 a spin is a bit rich for your blood, the betting starts at just $0.10 a spin. If you’re betting at that base level, the 4,081x max multiplier will enable you to win no more than $408.10 per spin. The slot offers medium volatility and an RTP of 96%.

A few weeks ago, I was in a car park looking at three crossovers. One was from Lexus, the other from Hyundai, and the third was from Suzuki. All three were white, and I couldn’t help thinking that if I owned one of those cars, I would have had a hard time telling you which was mine by a quick glance. The shapes were just so similar. Now, why do I bring this anecdote up? Well, because this kind of thing happens when car companies are so obsessed with what the other is doing that they end up doing exactly the same thing. I like Infinity reels. I really do. But when every company is licensing the same mechanic, slots begin to all look and feel exactly almost identical. I know not everyone can be Nolimit City, but there has to be a middle ground. There’s nothing wrong with Golden Knight Infinity slot. I’m just not sure how to rate a slot that offers such a similar gameplay experience as a number of other slots.

If you’re looking for something from High 5 Games that does break the mold a bit, I recommend trying out Alchemistress or, even better, Cannon Cove.