Fight for glory and riches in Defenders of the Realm slot!

The Norse gods are known for epic battles against the forces of evil as they defend the nine realms from their foes. Defenders of the Realm slot will see you helping the divine beings to protect their homeland, Asgard, from those who want to destroy it.

The gods are calling for your help! They pay the brave heroes who fight alongside them very generously as you’ll come to see. Get your battle gear on. You’re in for an unforgettable journey and legendary fight in the land of the gods with this extraordinary slot from High 5 games.

Make it big on the battleground

Enter the divine realm of Asgard. You have 5 reels, 4 rows, and 20 paylines to make your mark in the battle. And it’s going to be EPIC! You’ll see the royal values designed as Viking runes as the lower-paying symbols and four magnificent Norse gods as the high-paying symbols.


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The Bonus horn symbol activates a unique feature when it lands on the reels. It will add a colorful border around the cell on the reel where it landed. For the next spin, any winning combination that includes a border around one of the symbols will double the win. These horns are handy indeed! This slot has a 96% RTP so you can expect these horns to blow things way out of proportion.

The Wild symbol is two gigantic doors that are opening. Which is the perfect representation of this Wild symbol as it will open the doors to the treasure horde. Speaking of treasure, the bonus symbol is a treasure box. And you’ll be astonished at what’s inside!

The rewards from the gods get even better

If you manage to get all four positions on a reel filled with horn symbols or highlighted with the colorful border, the entire reel will become Wild for the next three spins. This expanding Wild symbol has a trick of its own. When it covers a reel, the reel will be activated and change color. Manage to activate all five reels and you’ll trigger the free games bonus.

The free games are played on a separate set of reels with the same bet value as the game that triggered the bonus. Due to the high volatility of this slot, it may take a while for you to unlock the free games. But as with all slots with high volatility, the rewards are worth the wait! There’s an astonishing €254,220 max win up for grabs in this slot so patience is key!


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3 or more treasure chest symbols will trigger the Pick Bonus. This bonus is played with 4 to 6 tiers, depending on how many boxes triggered the feature. 3 Chest symbols will unlock 4 tiers, 4 chests will unlock 5 tires, and 5 chests unlock 6 tiers. Each tier has four blocks. Pick the boxes until you get to the final tier and reveal the treasure.

Yellow boxes will reveal credit rewards. Green boxes will reveal a credit win and advance to the next tier. A red box will end the bonus and the purple box will multiply your winnings by the amount shown.

Fight for riches and glory now!

Defenders of the Realm slot is truly an epic slot, so we know you’re going to enjoy this one. There are so many bonus features to take advantage of and the very high RTP makes this slot even better as the wins won’t stop.

Unlock the Pick Bonus and open the Asgardian treasure vault to help yourself to treasure. Activate all five reels to release the gods and their powers for even greater wins. Play your way to ultimate glory now in this extraordinary slot!