Experience Farm Life Deluxe With the Epic New Chicken Drop Slot

If old MacDonald really had a farm, we would hope he had one of these chickens. After all, his roster of animals is legendary and it won’t take you more than a few spins on the Chicken Drop slot until you’ll be happily clucking all the way to the bank.

Come on, who wouldn’t want a happy-go-lucky chicken that can give you fresh golden eggs in the morning? These eggs can give you a lot more than a €400,000 max win so crack a few, whip ‘em up into an omelette and voilá, treat yourself to a true breakfast of champions!

A day on the farm with golden eggs, free spins, bonus buy and other secret ingredients may even cause you to reconsider your current profession and follow in the footsteps of old MacDonald.

We’ll see you bright and early, farmer!

The Bigger the Better

If you’re going to do something, you may as well go all in and that’s how we feel about the massive 7×7 grid you’ll be facing today. It can feel a bit overwhelming at first but with chicken cheerleader numero uno on your side, you’ll have the support you need for an excellent performance.

To get the wins, you want to create clusters of 5 matching symbols or more and if you are familiar with Pragmatic Play slots, you know how much fun that can be. Acorns, blueberries and mushrooms will fill the slots but it’s the strawberry who has the highest value.


Play Now

A high volatility game just makes winning better and with a €400,000 max win and 96.50% RTP, you’re in for a real treat. Max out on the €80 bet limit and the 5,000x multiplier for the ultimate payout!

Tumble Your Way to the Big Wins

We already mentioned this game is all about clusters and when one is formed, the Tumble feature will kick in. All symbols involved in the win will be removed and replaced. Should another cluster be formed, your win will increase and another tumble will take place. Keep it up and you can go all day long, champ!

Big Shiny Eggs on the Way

Your chicken friend is holding a sign, looking for clovers and when you land one of them or a watering can at the end of a spin or a tumble, it’s time for the golden egg. The egg will be dropped and reveal another cluster.

When this is done, there are potential upgrades in play:

– Size Upgrade: If you got the watering can, this can increase the size of the eggs, progressively all the way up to 6×6. Boom!

– Multiplier Upgrade: Should the clover be the symbol in play, your multiplier will get the boost and can grow as much as 11x.

Everything will reset to normal when you no longer produce a winning cluster so the longer the hot streak, the better!

How to Get Free Spins

If you can land 4 or more bonus symbols, you’ll trigger the free spins and get up to 20 of them. The beauty with free spins in this game is that after every single spin, you will get one of the golden eggs.

Play Now

With the golden eggs you can increase the size and multiplier so welcome them with both open arms and open pockets!

Also, if you can stick another 4 bonus symbols onto the reels you will get an additional 5 free spins, without any limit. Nice!

Buy Feature

Farm life can be tough which is why you’ll be happy to know there is a buy option ready to go where you can cough up 100x your stake and get yourself a nice pile of free spins.

Winning Feels Good

It could be the banjo soundtrack or the clucking but racking up wins in the Chicken Drop slot feels extra good. Perhaps it’s the feeling of being back to basics but it is a ton of fun and simply something you don’t want to miss. Now go get those golden eggs!