Cleocatra Slot: I’ve Never Won Bigger!

What’s worse than another cat slot? Another Ancient Egypt slot. So now that we have that settled… Pragmatic Play decides to combine these two tired themes in one – and it’s called Cleocatra slot 

That’s right. Cleo-catra. Need I say more? 

Man, I wanted to hate this game. I really did. But I’ve played hundreds of different video slots (for research purposes, people), and I came out of this one with some HUGE wins. 

This game delivered the biggest rewards I’ve scored in all my time playing slots. So screw the title and the multi-theme madness. I am forever a fan of this ginger goddess! 

Cats have conquered Ancient Egypt – and it’s awesome

Again, I never thought I would say that this slot is awesome… But it’s one of those typical “don’t judge a book by its cover” examples. 

At this point, it doesn’t actually matter what kind of themes, features, or soundtracks you’re into – this Pragmatic Play release has proven power to pay out. And that’s what we’re all after, right?

Although you can win a maximum of €400,000 here, I was super happy with the €195,165 I scored in the Free Spins round. Which you can buy, by the way. 

P.S I don’t get any special treatment, and the games cannot be rigged… So this is a genuine good fortune, and it’s here for you all to see. 


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Cough up a Free Spins furball for royal fortunes

Apart from offering Re-spins in the main game, Cleocatra slot has a bonus round that I’ll be pouncing on again, that’s for sure!  

To enter the feline-filled adventure for treasure, you can either land 3 Pawprint Scatters on the reels or buy the bonus for cash. 

This is where the magic happens. And despite being so over slots about cats and Ancient Egypt, the graphics in this one are pretty endearing and funny too. You’ll be spinning amongst cat elders, wrinkles and all, Cleopatra of course, and a fluffy Pharoah. 


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The Sticky Wild Multipliers hold all the power

So, the thing that got me my big win, was the Sticky Wild Multipliers that generously graced my Free Spins round.

Each Wild that lands on the reels sticks in place, leaving a whole trail of Wilds to work their money magic. They can also throw out random multipliers up to x3. 

Towards the end of my bonus journey, it was almost impossible not to land a big win, because the Wilds were EVERYWHERE. Check it out! 


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Cleocatra has charmed the mittens off me! 

I don’t know your playing style, but I tend to experiment differently with different games, and I went full throttle max bet on the Bonus round and that’s probably why my reward was so wealthy! 

Sometimes playing big pays off, sometimes it doesn’t. Like anything in gambling, luck is the key. And I hope you’ll be bestowed the same fortune that I was when you try out this high volatility, 96.2% RTP slot.  

If you can’t look past the theme, just remember, it’s cats in wigs… And that’s funny AF. So give Cleocatra slot a spin and claw through your own big wins.