Fight Your Way Towards Epic Wins in the Sword and the Grail Slot

King Arthur was not the type of man to hide behind a screen like so many people are doing today. He was a master swordsman and a feared leader through his in your face approach, but considering the type of communication that comes out of the world leaders today through social media, we can’t imagine what historical figures like him would have tweeted, had it been an option. Live updates from the battlefield?

The Sword and The Grail slot will hopefully give us a better understanding, but we may have to pull the magic sword from the stone first.

Welcome to the Castle

Considering the legendary backstory of the game, you will be spending the day in one of the chambers of King Arthur’s castle, where the scenario is set for today’s action. We trust you to lead your troops through any obstacles on your way towards the big bucks and the way to go is to stay close to your trusted companions, Lady Guinevere, Lancelot and Merlin the Magician.

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Leave No Man Behind

If this cast doesn’t raise your expectations of action, we are not sure what will. Are they able to live up to the hype? Of course, King Arthur leaves no man behind and you shouldn’t leave any of the big wins behind! As the sword is always the main focus in this story, collecting them may seem like the smart thing to do and you would be spot on as this is the trick to the magical world of the free spins.


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How to Make the Most of Your Free Spins

To make real magic happen, there are four stages containing different multipliers boosting your odds of winning big! Each stage gives you 5 free spins to get as many scatters as possible in order to move on to bigger and better.

  • Stage 1: 3 to 5 Scatters will give a x2 wild multiplier.
  • Stage 2: 6 Scatters will give a x5 wild multiplier.
  • Stage 3: 11 Scatters will give a x10 wild multiplier
  • Stage 4: 18 Scatters will give a x100 wild multiplier.


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Magic Coin Win

This slot was a lot easier than muscling the sword out of a rock but just as rewarding. There are a lot of great, intense features that will get your blood pumping while you hope to cross the next level of free spins and the big multipliers. With a max coin win of 1,000,000 we understand what drove King Arthur!