Find Treasure and Win Big in Finn’s Golden Tavern Slot

We’ve seen a lot of crazy slots in our time, but Finn’s Golden Tavern slot has us lost for words. This epic slot changes the game completely, and brings a whole new world of fun to slots. Rather than having traditional reels, you play on a treasure map with the super cool swirly spin. Symbols appear one by one on the maze every time you spin, creating a really fun game in the process.

Finn’s Golden Tavern is a complete game changer, and it has been one of our favorite slots to review EVER. So, let’s stop beating around the bush and dive into why you need to play Finn’s Golden Tavern!

Stack and Crush Symbols to Win Wilds

Unlike most slots, you can’t spin and land a number of wilds on the reels. Instead, you need to land a winning combo. Once you land a winning combo of three or more symbols, the symbols will pop and be replaced by a super cool star wearing sunglasses. This magic star is the blessed wild and will help you move the treasure chest around the map and to the X. As you’re collecting wilds and crushing symbols, you will be able to rack up some pretty huge wins, with the max win being a rather tasty €400,000 from a single spin – well, trip around the map.

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Move the Chest to Win Free Spins

As you pop symbols and scoop up wins, the chest will make its way around the map. Your goal is to get the chest all the way to the X at the heart of the map. If you can pull this tricky feat off, you will be rewarded with 4 free spins. Now, you might be thinking 4 free spins is nothing, but we promise you free spins is completely crazy. Creating wilds will allow you to hike up the multiplier, so keep an eye out for winning combos to crank up the multiplier to the max. The wins in free spins are out of this world, and by increasing the multiplier you can take home a wild amount of money!

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Finn’s Golden Tavern is one of the most creative games we’ve seen this year and it’s well deserving of an award in our opinion. We’ve had a lot of fun while reviewing it, and we know you will enjoy it too. The animations are slick and the artwork is stunning. But, best of all, as you’re making your way around the map you will earn points towards the Slot Wars leaderboard. Place in the top 30 at the end of the week to take home a slice of €1,000!