Welcome to the Spectacular Show Called Vegas Magic

Will there ever be a city like Las Vegas that is so highly associated with magic and magic shows? At some point, there must be a new version of this crazy place that beats the original, just like with everything else in life, but with the popularity still surrounding this Hollywood of magic, it may take a while before we see anything like it again. Vegas Magic slot will bring you a show with just one click and in a way that’s magic in itself!

Expect Real Magic

Pragmatic Play has invited you to the show and set the stage with 5 reels and 20 paylines. With the mesmerizing music, graphics and effects, you will be captivated from your very first spin. This isn’t just your typical crappy magic game you may be expecting, as there is actually real magic happening on the reels and you just want more of it. All the usual suspects are part of the show and you will find them as symbols on the reels. The mandatory pretty assistant, the dove, the hat, spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs are all here but with a more extravagant than usual touch.

As it is Vegas, the connection to Sigfried & Roy is inevitable and in this case they are being paid tribute to by a tiger jumping through a flaming hoop. If that is not enough, a blinged out dollar sign, worthy of the heaviest rapper out there is a sight for sore eyes and to top it all off is Mr Magic Man himself as the wild.


One Win After Another

There is no way a show like this would exist without the magical twist on features. Get ready for some eye candy as the Tumbler feature shows you its powers. After each winning combo you land, the symbols will magically disappear into thin air and the openings will be replaced by new symbols, opening up the possibility of win after win after win.

The Magic Man is quick with his hands and doesn’t shy away from putting on a little mini show of his own for you when the right combo strikes. With his special touch he has been known to take over entire wheels in order to really showcase his skills and powers.


Las Vegas Bling!

It is Las Vegas, it is a magic show, and big wins are up for grabs. We don’t know about you, but for us that is excitement! Even the wins are glammed up with that typical Vegas pizzaz. This quick-fingered magician will leave you wanting more and after all, that’s what a good slot should be all about!