Fill up Your Basket With Epic Wins in Mega Bunny Hyperways Slot

Life on a farm means getting up at the crack of dawn and since animals don’t care if it’s a Tuesday, your birthday or even Christmas, you better get started on your chores. However, the Mega Bunny is not like everyone else, as his favorite holiday is right around the corner, meaning it’s time for an Easter egg hunt of the more spectacular kind. Welcome to the Mega Bunny Hyperways slot!

We love chocolate eggs just as much as the next guy but GameArt is spicing things up and these eggs are made from silver, gold and even diamonds. Make sure there’s room in your basket for a €200,000 max win as you put on a show through free spins, multipliers and the Mega Bunny wilds.

Let’s go get you some eggs!

Maximize Your Success

It’s a beautiful day on the farm and while the chickens roost in the background, we will focus on the 5 reels that will turn this Easter into your best one yet. Egg hunts can be very demanding, which is why you will be happy to see a variety of vegetables on the reels, making sure you can restock on vital nutrients to keep you going.

Since this is a Hyperways type of game, you will be able to put up to 60,466,176 of them to work on finding you the best possible symbol combinations in order to maximize your success!


Play Now

With a €200,000 max win and 50,000x multiplier in play, we would search far and wide until all eggs are found. This is a fun and great looking slot and the very high volatility and 96.12% RTP will only make this challenge even more intriguing.

Win Big With the Mega Bunny Symbol

The Mega Bunny is a sneaky little character but he loves nothing more than to boost your wins if given a chance. At random, he can show up and bring a multiplier with him. He’s been known to come in a variety of sizes from 1×1 to 1×4.

The bigger the bunny, the higher the multiplier so don’t be scared when you get a sweet tasting 36x multiplier. Boom!

Stack up on Symbol Multipliers

To help you win, all other symbols are able to come with a multiplier of their own of up to 9x, which can make a big difference on your winnings.

How to Get Free Spins

On this farm, the scatter is fittingly a basket of eggs and it’s going to take 5 of them to trigger the free spins feature.

Play Now

When this is done, you will get 8 free spins to play with and during your spins, you will get a visit from the Mega Bunny wild on every single spin, making sure you leave with pockets full of cash!

Head Straight to the Bonus Round

No matter how much fun you’re having, sometimes you just want to speed things up and what a perfect way to do it by using the buy bonus feature.

Take a shot and head straight to the bonus round where you can rack up the big wins without having to collect all the scatters. Some players call it cheating, we call it playing smart!

In the Right Place to Make It Happen

With the country music on full blast, you will be dancing your way across the reels. Eggs or no eggs, there is a ton of cash to be won and by playing the Mega Bunny Hyperways slot, you are in the right place to make it happen. Good luck out there!