Fire in the Hole – Be Careful With the Explosive Danger Zone Slot

Let’s blow some stuff up! Booming Games just unleashed the explosive Danger Zone slot that will blow your mind. By taking the action underground, the rewards should be bigger and by blasting away at these slots you can easily stuff your duffle bags with the 2,000x multiplier and a solid max win of €250,000.

You will have features such as Bursting Majors, free spins and Bursting Wilds in your toolbelt during your quest for the gold but besides the potential winnings it’s not a bad way of getting rid of some pent up aggression either so get your hardhat ready and let’s head down to the action.

The Mandatory Golden Nugget

The mine you are stepping into will be dug and built with the support of 6×4 reels and 25 tunnel paylines. At this particular depth you will find a lot of shiny gemstones and a lot of them have made it onto the reels. The blue, pink, yellow and green gemstone are in position together with the mandatory gold nugget. To make things a bit scarier, there is a skull symbol working as the scatter.

While these guys make up most of the action on the reels, it’s the TNT trigger on your left that can be the reason for a lot of things happening. You may find the soundtrack a bit animated and silly but believe us, the explosives are real so don’t be messing around.

Tick Tock Boom

Where is the dynamite in this game? Several features will be using explosives actually and it is the Bursting Major Dynamite that is the trigger, excuse the pun.

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If you were to feel the ground shaking, don’t worry, it’s all part of the game. Dynamite may then land on the reals to create havoc. When they land, they will go off and may transform up to 8 of its neighbors into one specific symbol, including wilds. This can lead to the really big wins, much do to the effect it can have on multiple paylines.

Take Full Advantage of Your Free Spins

You will need 3 or more skulls in order to get to the free spin mode where you can enjoy 8 of them. During the free spins you can take advantage of Bursting Wilds that will make your winning go boom!


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