Unleash the power of the elements in Forces of Nature slot

Imagine nature’s elements could transform into powerful warriors. Gladiators who use their abilities to fight off evil and restore balance to the world. Air could whirl into a hurricane of beauty and grace, taking the form of a ravishing warrioress, or Water could swirl into a mighty titan of the seas and wash away the misfortunes of others. This is Forces of Nature slot, home to these mythical elemental beings and treasures beyond your wildest dreams.

And if you think THAT sounded epic, wait until you hear about the mega payouts and bonus features in this unreal slot from High 5 Games. Let’s step into their world and experience the power of the elements first-hand.

The Warriors of winning

Welcome to the world of the Elementals. A little scary-looking at first, but just know that these guys are on your side and they’re ready for action, regardless of the fact that their home looks like a mess that not even Biden is willing to clean up. You’ll find 6 reels with 4 rows bordered in steel, and a backdrop of a desolate mountain landscape.


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Low-paying symbols are made up of the numbers 5 and 9, and the rest are royal values A, K, Q, and J. You’ll need at least three symbols arranged from the left-most reel on a winning payline, of which there are 50. High-paying symbols consist of the four elemental warriors, Water, Air, Earth, and Fire, with Earth and Fire paying the highest.

Something for nothing with the Scatter Bucks Feature

This is a feature that goes a long way when you’re on a quest for wealth and glory, or any quest… in fact, it’s just totally awesome in general. The Wild symbol in this slot is a red banner displaying the word “Wild” (big surprise). This symbol will substitute for all others with the Scatter being an exception.


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In some cases, the Wild symbol may appear with a credit amount displayed instead, which will then award you the amount as a Scatter Bucks reward regardless of its position on the reels – kind of like a Scatter or Bonus symbol. It will still act as a Wild so no need to make a fuss, it has dual capabilities, so to speak.

Unleash the elemental powers with free spins!

The free spins are normally the part where things start to get a little Wilder, and in this case, it’s no different. The Scatter symbol is designed as a silver amulet, and if you look closely, you’ll notice a blue atom in the centre. Everything is composed of atoms, right? So the elemental warriors are no different. Manage to land 3 or more of these scattered on the reels and the free spins will be triggered.


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3 Or 4 of these Scatters will award 7 and 15 free games respectively. Once the free spins are triggered, you’ll be taken to a new set of reels where the winning continues. During the free spins bonus, a new symbol could appear on the reels which is an altered version of the Scatter. This symbol could award extra free spins so do your best to summon at least 3 of them to the reels, and trust the 96% RTP to perform well with this mission.

Experience the Forces of Nature today!

By now you’re probably aching to get the reels spinning in this epic slot. And we don’t blame you! The medium volatility won’t do much to stand in your way of achieving greatness and there’s always the Scatter Bucks Feature to get you out of a tight spot. Your quest for wealth and glory in Forces of Nature slot should be a walk in the park, or in this case, a desolate mountain landscape.