Prospect for Wins in Get The Gold Infinireels Slot

In August 1896, Skookum Jim was skipping rocks and chewing tobacco around the Klondike River in Canada’s Yukon Territory. As luck would have it, the man with a name that sounds like the latest superfood being pushed by Oprah struck it lucky, discovering a sizable nugget of gold. Once news got out, men and women desperate to find fortune and fame flocked to the remote area, sparking the Klondike Gold Rush.

Relive the excitement of the gold rush without the threat of catching typhoid fever or being bludgeoned to death for your life-changing nugget in Get The Gold Infinireels slot from Red Tiger Gaming.

The path to the Klondike is open

Unsurprisingly, not all those who went searching for fortune during the Klondike Gold Rush walked away rich. Most died before they ever got to the Yukon Territory. The boom towns that popped up to support those who did make it were described as hell on Earth. Luckily, Get The Gold Infinireels isn’t concerned with being too accurate in their retelling of this particular slice of history.

Get the Gold Infinireels slot is a truly unique visual experience. It’s one of the few releases in recent memory that visually surprised us. This is almost entirely down to how Red Tiger Gaming handled the perspective. Instead of the traditional passive view, the slot window is treated as if it were a camera with water splashing up and streaking down the lens. It makes for an incredibly immersive and compelling experience.


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To complement this unique perspective, the team at Red Tiger Gaming has created a simple yet beautifully illustrated slot that is set over a flowing river. The reels are populated with all the essentials a prospector could need, from pans to pickaxes and a large hat to keep the sun off your neck.

There be gold in that there river

If I have learned anything from watching 11 seasons of Gold Rush, it’s that when you’re prospecting for gold, you don’t need anything more than a pan and some water. After a few minutes panning some sand from the bottom of a hole, you’ll know if you’re in pay dirt or out of luck.

Hitting pay dirt in Get the Gold Infinireels slot is equally as simple. There are only three reels and one bonus feature. To strike it lucky, you’ll need to grab at least one gold cart scatter on each reel to unlock the Gold Rush feature.


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Once Gold Rush has hit, gold carts with random cash prizes will begin to appear as the reels shift left with only the rightmost reel spinning. You’ll continue to unlock cash rewards until you fail to grab a new gold cart cash prize over four consecutive spins.

In addition to cash prizes, you’ll also need to be on the look for precious stones. If you find one, your current Gold Rush winnings will be doubled or even tripled!

Is Get the Gold Infinireels slot a prospector’s dream?

Three-reel slots are rarely worth raving about. They’re traditionally simple fruit slots that offer fairly basic gameplay. Get the Gold Infinireels slot is a notable exception. It’s simple, yes. But it uses that simplicity as a canvas for a truly unique and engaging experience with one really well-executed bonus feature. Put simply, this one gets our recommendation!

The numbers don’t detract from the recommendation, either. Although the slot features a modest 95.71% RTP rating, low to medium volatility, a 10,000x max multiplier, and the €200,000 jackpot more than make up for it.

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