The Clover Lady Slot Jackpots Will Make You Howl at the Moon

An old fairytale classic with a fun Irish twist? That’s one way to describe the latest adventure coming out of Wazdan. Considering the countless adaptations the story of Little Red Riding Hood has taken over the years, it’s fun to discover one we haven’t seen before. The Clover Lady slot is your chance to step into the woods with a fearless attitude and make the wolf pay, once again, by scooping up a couple of Jackpots!

A €175,000 max win can’t keep all enemies away but flip the switch and become the predator instead of the prey and you can leave with way more than that. With both the gamble and buy feature ready to roll, the Jackpot bonus feature is the ultimate goal.

Lucky Clover Bonanza

If you are ever risking running into wolf territory, knowing you will have access to lucky clovers should be a comforting thought and luckily the 6 reels and 10 paylines are covered in them. A wolf in sheep’s clothing can be easily missed and this monster size wolf isn’t even trying to disguise himself but don’t let that scare you from reaching your Jackpot goals.


Play Now

Lucky clovers aside, you can make your own decisions when it comes to volatility by adjusting the meter next to the spin button. Give all three of them a go and see which one suits your style of game together with the 96.21% RTP. The max win is €175,000, you can bet up to €50 per spin and there is a 3,500x multiplier in play.

Summon the Wolf Pack

It should come as no surprise that the wolf plays an impactful role as the multiplier symbol. Considering the fangs of this beautiful animal, you would think it had a bigger bite but actually the howl is bigger than its bite.

The first wolf that lands will give you a 1,5x multiplier by the following will only add 0.5x. Either way, if you can summon a few of them, your winnings will still get a nice boost.

Hit the Clover Jackpot Bonus

You should know the big attraction is the Clover Jackpot Bonus feature and you need 3 of the Clover Lady scatters in order to get an invite. In a classic hold and win style game, you will get 3 spins and the girl and the wolf are the only symbols at the party.

Every time one lands, your count will reset to 3, meaning you can go on for a while if you manage to time your symbols. The more of each you can land, the better, but we don’t need to tell you that.

If you want the Grand Jackpot, you need at least 6 versions of the girl.

Double Your Wins

Thanks to the gamble feature, you can opt to try and double your money after each and every win. Take a shot at the fun bonus game and your winnings can go through the roof in no time. Boom!

Hit the Shopping Cart

You can see a shopping cart below the reels and this is how you “cheat the game” and head straight to the Clover Jackpot Bonus feature.

Change your bet size until you can fit it in your budget and simply let the good times roll.

Pick up Easy Wins

We enjoy the fairytale vibe and whenever there are Jackpots around, even the sharp fanged wolf needs to get out of the way.

The Clover Lady slot has a light hearted feel and if you’re looking for some easy wins, give this slot a go.