Get Behind the Wheel of a Tesla Model Y at BitStarz!

Giving away supercharged cars is our thing – and on September 15, 2023, you could be the lucky BitStarz player driving away in a brand-new Tesla Model Y worth €52,000!

Here’s the game plan: play our games, collect tickets, and supercharge your chances of winning. For every €100 wagered, you’ll earn 1 ticket, and there’s no limit to how many you can collect. So, go all in!

The race to victory has already begun. Ready to put the pedal to the metal and fight to win this thing? Let’s hit the road and make it happen!

Here’s how you can get in the race

Securing your spot in the big draw is pretty easy to do! And we’re here to tell you everything that you need to know to stand a chance at taking home the Tesla.

Basically, you need a Tesla raffle ticket, or tickets – depending on how strong you want your odds at winning to be. And how you do this is by betting €100, or its currency equivalent, on any of BitStarz’s 4,500+ games. This includes both table and slot games!

The more tickets you have, the better position you’ll be in when it comes time to selecting our big winner!

A super cool thing about the timing of this giveaway is the fact that our Cyber Quest – Level Up adventure, where €50,000 in individual prizes and €20,000 in cash are up for grabs, is on at the very same time. Although ending a bit earlier. It’s a win-win-win!

Why you need the Model Y

This car is fire! Not only is it a stylish SUV, but it merges sustainability, high-performance, and design perfection together to provide the car of the future!

Complete with super-fast acceleration, excellent handling, a 15-inch touchscreen display that has all the coolest features, and an exceptional safety rating, the Tesla Model Y is a sight to behold and a driver’s dream.

You’re used our Tesla Model 3 giveaways, and this is now our second Model Y that’s been up for the taking at BitStarz – and we hope you like it. We’re always working to show you how much we appreciate you playing with us.

Get behind the wheel!

Mark your calendar, because someone will be driving off in this brand-new ride on 15 September 2023. And who says it won’t be you?

See you on the slots and at the tables, and hopefully we’ll also be seeing you at the Tesla Giveaway finish line! This is your shot.